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  1. Wanted to see how it looks on something a little sleeker than the whale... http://i.imgur.com/mhS46Nm.jpg http://i.imgur.com/FqG9euH.jpg http://i.imgur.com/GAaeB9m.jpg
  2. To think that a mere two centuries ago it could take anything from 3 to 6 months to sail one way across the Atlantic and it wasn't entirely certain you'd get there. From majestic slow Galleons to todays amazing new jet airliners in just (relative terms) two centuries is something I think is amazing. Speaking of Galleons and new jets, Iberia is getting new A330's and they painted the first one in a new livery! I decided to make a nice little run from San Juan (Costa Rica) to Barcelona, I had to leave in the dark to get there in the evening for some nice light. However I do like the moonlit spookyness pic 1 Just as we leave the Carribean dawn breaks pic 2 By mid Atlantic I've had alot of time to look at this new livery from all angles, it's grown on me a little. What do you think? pic 3 Land ahooooy! The beautiful city of Porto to our starboard pic 4 Well north of Madrid we descend and catch that magic Spanish light pic 5 Coming in from the northeast to apprach runway 25R pic 6 Surprisingly, given little cloud cover, there's quite a fog-soup this evening! pic 7 The wonderfully vibrant and alive Basque jewel of Barcelona awaits our new visitors! pic 8 On time and in comfort, thank you very much for flying Iberia and we hope to see you again! pic 9
  3. That reminds me: Phoenix in the evening or morning is absolutely marvelous as well
  4. Boston, Osaka, Taipei, Vancouver, Philadelphia, Rio, Buenos Aires, Cape Town, San Francisco, Toronto, Montreal off the top of my head are some of my favourite cities for take-off and landing.
  5. If there's one thing I love about flying in and out of the middle east it's the morning and evening light of the desert.
  6. Started working on the liveries, here's an RR-powered a332 for you to preview: http://i.imgur.com/ANoZAkD.jpg http://i.imgur.com/8z4Qsd9.jpg
  7. I love making flights like that too, just wonderful atmosphere!
  8. Aye, that's what inspired me to get this project going. Well, again: since I made one set of templates that weren't up to my standards and restarted. Which I then lost god knows how accidentally and had to restart again. But this time I think I'm finally on track and happy enough with how much my templates match up to the details of the real a330/a340 planes. Thank god for airliners.net which has served me with great reference pictures. Also I'm surprised how inconsistent even the aircraft.cfg files were, both in relation to eachother and the real aircraft specificiations. Anyway: right now I don't have alot of energy to work on this since in total I've probably spent over 100h just on getting the templates right. But in the future I'll post some updates of liveries as I finish them. Cheers.
  9. My only plan is really just getting the panel fixes in so people less savvy don't have to muck about with it. Otherwise I think Ruth (or whoever textured the VC) did a reasonably good enough job for me not to cry and start retexturing. Aparently I can't edit my own posts... well, here's a batch of the GE engine A330-300 in the house colors: http://i.imgur.com/6TkEI5p.jpg http://i.imgur.com/mcEFB6e.jpg http://i.imgur.com/TpbdWGD.jpg
  10. So I've been working on completely new templates for the excellent Ruth a330 and a340 freeware planes. The original textures are very blotchy, pixelated and generally not as the real thing. It's been quite the effort since it's like a puzzle broken in several parts that aren't 100% relative to eachother in terms of size. While certain details like gear textures, interior textures and so on are the originals: everything else even down to the spinners on each engine are new vector based textures by me. Not to mention I've looked at pictures of the real planes and made sure stuff like the lining of the engine intake is the right design and colors as the real GE, PW, RR and CFM56 engines for instance. All in all I've put in effort in not only making the texture precisely uniform between the differently scaled a332, a333 and a343 texture maps but also conforming to their real-life counterparts. I will be making more (alot more) liveries and release it all along with modified aircraft.cfg files and panel fixes when I'm done. But for now this is the first texture I have made as I've just finally finished the templates, the PW-engined a330-200 in the house colors flying around the alps: http://i.imgur.com/URCwOIr.jpg http://i.imgur.com/QYxLqyT.jpg http://i.imgur.com/9I5k4Sn.jpg http://i.imgur.com/ZkOgq2h.jpg
  11. Amen to that. Every time I've seen a silly petition for fs11 I try and explain it to people that it doesn't matter. Ballmer set a new direction for both the OS and games: everything was about making the most "streamlined" mainstream products for the most casual dispassionate people ever. Anything that wasn't simple shovelware that could be sold to millions of people in a year was deemed a waste of time. Hence why we got the massive joke that was "flight" instead of a proper continuation of the venerable FS series. No petition that a couple hundred real enthusiasts signed was ever going to change that or even reach the top MS brass. Even if did they would just laugh it off and wipe their tears of laughter with hundred dollar bills. MS isn't about making an easy-to-use yet open (i.e. you set it up and run your own apps) OS anymore. It's about trying to get apple users by making a locked down, no choices, store apps only OS which was a stupid idea to begin with. Apple customers couldn't care less about what MS offers. MS isn't about making interesting games and sims with depth anymore, it's more interested in facebook/zynga players that can't be bothered to play a simple game for more than 30 minutes every third day when they're bored. Here's a good glimpse into what Ballmer and his cronies wanted, maybe what his successors also want in the vain delusion they think they know how to "do it right":
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