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  1. MerlynUK

    fsx se and voxatc in win10 - help?!

    Hi I had a similar problem in that I couldn't get the FSX-SE version of the VoxATC v7.2 BETA to work with my FSX-SE install, kept getting 'FATAL ERROR'. However, I downloaded the standard FSX version of the BETA and it worked a treat. Haven't been able to find a v7 version of VoxPopBase though. :(
  2. MerlynUK

    Voice VoxPop Base

    Hi everyone I have just uninstalled my VoxATC v6.52 to install the v7.2 BETA, which works great with the MS TTS voices in Windows 10, however, like others I am unable to download the v7 compatible version of VoxPopBase - URL is missing. Does anyone have a link to the V7 version please? The v6.52 compatible version doesn't install as it can't detect VoxATC v7. Many thanks Mark.
  3. MerlynUK

    Odd AI Taxiing During Take Off

    Just experienced this same phenomenon with UK2000 Gatwick. I had to disable voxatc and re-enable to clear the traffic. Sent from my HTC Sensation using Tapatalk
  4. MerlynUK

    Vox v5

    In the Win 7 speech recognition control panel, make sure that US English is selected as the recognition engine and not another language, such as UK English. This worked for me. Sent from my HTC Sensation using Tapatalk
  5. MerlynUK

    Cost and Support for VoxATC

    The boxed version from RC simulations includes 2 payware Text to Speech voices from AT&T, as well as some additional UK airspace features, as listed here: If you are thinking of buying additional TTS voices in the future or want UK specific ATC phraseology then the boxed version maybe a good value for money, otherwise stick with the download version and save £40 like I am planning to do! M.
  6. MerlynUK

    Newbie Questions

    Hi, I've recently been trying out the demo of VoxATC and will soon be buying it as I've been very impressed so far, however, I have a few questions I'm hoping someone maybe able to answer? 1) Is the AI traffic generated randomly each time VoxATC initialised? I have TrafficX installed so I see the right airlines at each airport but I seem to see the same aircraft at the same gates at an airport each time I start VoxATC. Not really an issue but I was just curious! 2) Once I have landed and vacated the runway, I get taxi instructions to the gate, but I always seem to get allocated the same gate. E.g. when flying Easyjet into Bristol International I always get allocated to Gate 5 and when flying into Manchester, I always get allocated to Gate 1? Can VoxATC assign more random gate assignments (but still based on the airline code)? 3) After parking at the allocated gate I don't get any further VoxATC instructions. The Panel continues to display 'Taxi to Gate' in red. Should I expect any further options to be available once at the gate such as 'Request Shutdown' or similar? 4) After obtaining clearance I get the option to Request Startup but after that there is no option to separately request pushback, is this correct? (I know there is an option to request both together, but since you can request startup separately it makes sense to me to be able to request pushback separately too! I use GSX to perform the pushback so not really an issue! 5) Is it really worth getting the DVD version with the extra content, rather than purchase a registration code from the website. I currently have 3 Microsoft TTS voices for the ATC comms and VoxPop for the pilot voices which seems to work well so not sure the additional £40 is worth it just for the 2 ATT voices or would I be missing something else? I hope VoxATC continues to be developed and expanded as it is a fantastic product and really adds to the realism. Many thanks Mark.
  7. MerlynUK

    AI traffic speed

    I would like to know this too. I have been trying the demo for the past couple of days and the first thing I noticed is the slow taxi speed of some of the ai traffic. Thanks Mark Sent from my HTC Sensation using Tapatalk now Free