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  1. Just to complete this thread. I was contacted very promptly by their support team who instructed me to get rid of FSinn. I opted for vpilot instead which appears so much more stable and now everything works fine. Not the best bird to fly but certainly not the worst! Goose
  2. Hmmmmmm. 737 PIC wasn't that bad. It certainly was not as bad as this one. Will fire off an email to them anyway. You never know!!
  3. So, I downloaded this today. Issues I have are the worst I have had with any product. Running FSX, Win 7 64. System runs PMDG and A2A stuff fine including with FSinn on Vatsim. Installed fine, loaded up and used the config tool to load cold and dark but engines were running when I loaded the sim. Mouse clicks do not work in either 3d or 2d, black screens, FSUIPC (registered) will keep loosing the throttle positions, brakes do not work. So, I uninstalled and deleted my cfg file. Still no joy. Had a search online and the usual blank help information form Wilco but nothing has worked. Before I shout loudly is there something I am missing?? Experienced in Pcs and the weirdness of FSX tweaking but this has me stumped for some reason. Thanks All Goose
  4. goosenka

    Mouse wheel not working anymore for MCP knobs

    Just to answer my own question in FSUIPC under Miscellaneous is the mouse setting. Ticked the box and all good. God bless FSUIPC.
  5. goosenka

    Who's tired?

    I kinda agree. Sometimes what you see on youtube, what you read on forums really can get you down when you turn to your own machine and think damn I just want to fly without 15 reboots, re-install this and not have any CTD!!!! Fingers crossed my 'peace time' with my machine is a long time.... Good luck!
  6. Quick bump on the below question...sure it is an easy fix in FSUIPC I guess... I used to use the spacebar and mouse as a POV tool. Found that for some applications flying jets it was easier to wander around the cockpit. I have now lost this. What is the fix? When I press space bar I get the crosshairs but no movement when rolling the mouse around. ​Also can someone confirm for me the following - My view when I first load up PMDG737 is very close to the Annunciator panel. But when I pan out to I loose all actions with the mouse button/wheel and can't turn any button. Now, a search has told me to use <ctrl &shift> and then use either space bar or the return key. AS I slew over to the right, bingo, the mouse works on the buttons......but I am sitting on the radio stack. Help is gratefully received. Thanks in advance Christian
  7. goosenka

    Mouse wheel not working anymore for MCP knobs

    My issue is that for some reason since I moved to a Saitek yoke and therefore 'disabled controllers' in FSX as I am using FSUIPC, I have to slew my view mode until I am sitting virtually on the centre panel to get any button movement whatsoever!!! Hate it like that.
  8. Hmmmm things not going to plan. Tried to config a few other planes. Just trying with stock FSX planes. The King Air using two separate throttles is not working great. For some reason attempting to use the saitek throttles as a reverse just send the plane nuts. Also the switch panel has decided that when you for example turn the landing lights on it is now turning the gens off. Turning on panel lights also turns the generator off. Steep learning curve!!
  9. On another note the Saitek Multi panel (auto pilot function) and the Saitek Switch panel works with PMDG 737 ngx in the following way. Multi Panel - Autopilot module Course bug works Auto Thrust disarm works Flap switch works extend/retract Auto pilot dis arm works. Well worked once but never again for some reason Switch Panel - Gear lever works Will try SAPD and see what difference that makes although I will be uninstalling the Saitek drivers and see what I can cock up along the way!! Thats it!
  10. I think I may start a thread of my own! Sorry to Rafaelle who started the thread!! Thanks pmanhart Thread started here
  11. So I have recently upgraded to the following - Pro flight yoke Saitek switch panel Saitek multi panel Saitek pro flight rudder/brake pedals Whilst I appreciate that this has been documented beforeI wanted to share my experiences as no matter how many times I search I never find the answers - or so it seems. So, I have encountered the following issues and these are my fixes. I had watched some tutorials online (frooglesim) which is hugely helpful. I have used FSUIPC in the past but took a break from Sim stuff for a fair few years. Back with a vengeance! Initially I wanted to get used to new controls by using the stock FSX Skyhawk Cessna. Followed instructions and here is where I am - Thanks to a fellow forum member for input! Initially I had issues with the following - 1) Using rudder pedals activated yoke movement - Fix to disable controls in FSX 2) On disabling control setting in FSX I lost all FSUIPC actions 3) Re-programmed and after FSX crashing many times am currently as I type in the air and all seemingly works well. 4) For some reason my brain did not appreciate that disabling controls in FSX would loose all point of view hat movement etc. Question - I used to use the spacebar and mouse as a POV tool. Found that for some applications flying jets it was easier to wander around the cockpit. I have now lost this. What is the fix? When I press space bar I get the crosshairs but no movement when rolling the mouse around. TIA :biggrin:
  12. Ok so works a lot better. Thankyou. Nearly all assignments lost from FSUIPC for some reason and having fun re-doing the views etc but no interference. Will play around with the PMDG 737 next and see what happens.
  13. Ha...just got back from walking the dog!!! It's 9am here in London...just booted up the pc and will see what happens. Thanks again for your input. Out of interest are you referring to the settings in FSX>Controls>Enable flight controls?
  14. Morning. No I haven't disabled the controllers but will have a play this morning. That does make logical sense actually but sadly didn't occur to me. Thanks again and I will report back. Goose
  15. Interesting. Although I am using win7 64 I have recently purchased the pro flight kit. I have no issues except 1) When using the foot brakes on the pedals the yoke moves around - PMDG 737. Slight movement on the yolk fixes the yolk position 2) Always when I am just about to establish on the final base turn and arm approach the yoke suddenly flips the plane off to the left in a steep dive. No idea why but will try uninstalling the drivers. I have set the entire system up with FSUIPC but maybe there is a conflict somewhere.