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  1. liftwartbertl


    It's more like topcat which is much more expensive and has no Q400 profile.
  2. liftwartbertl

    Aurasim question "REDU" and "COND LIST"

    Ok thanks. So just full rw length in meter - rw lenght in meter from chosen intersection. The result to fill in under REDU.
  3. I have 2 questions. Maybe someone can help me: -> On the Takeoff Performance page there is a field called REDU. I guess it is for inserting data if doing a reduced power takeoff, but I have no idea in which format to do that. -> On the Landing Performance page the COND dropdown menue consists of the options DRY, WET, STDG WTR, CMPCT SNW. Dry and wet is clear and I guess CMPCT SNW means that there is a compact snowlayer on the runway and STDG WTR that there is water standing on the runway. Is that correct?
  4. liftwartbertl

    Aurasim CYYC Runway Update

    Already any outcome on that?
  5. liftwartbertl

    PFPX worth it over SimBrief?

    In the meanwhile Simbrief has new and extended alternate options. But there is still the problem, that the tool suggests silly alternate airports, which have to be adapted manually.
  6. liftwartbertl

    Aurasim Q400 vspeed calc

    Thank you Ben, that is good news.
  7. liftwartbertl

    Aurasim Q400 vspeed calc

    Hi. Aurasim Website for the Q400 v-speed calculation suddendly doesn't work anymore. The URLs "" as well as "" trigger the message: "Account suspended. This account has been suspended. Contact your hosting provider for more information." What is the problem, and how fast will you be able to fix it?
  8. liftwartbertl

    Checklist problems

    Unfortunately that is the usual inaccuracy that comes with Carenado products. If you want to work with realistic checklists you are better off with other flightsim companies' products. I solved the issue by creating my own checklist based on the Carenado one and those things that (more or less) work in the cockpit.
  9. liftwartbertl

    AC Bus Switches

    The AC Bus Switches have 3 modes: ON, OFF and TRANSFER. Can anyone tell me in which situation I need which mode? Is it correct to turn both AC Bus Switches to ON as soon as both engines are running and both generators a ON? I would be happy on any information you can give me von the AC Bus and it's switches.