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  1. daniel douville

    Carenado has released the Phenom

    yes sir! thats the one
  2. daniel douville

    Carenado has released the Phenom

    i purchased the phenom and im extremely impressed, im using triple monitors and an i7-3770 with a gtx660 (considered low level) and its not bad at all! i did have a few non click spots in the VC but the psd v2.1 hotfix corrected that,, overall i think most people will be impressed, it even has a functional weather radar that worked really well with real time live ASN weather feed, i think that the p3d v2.2 patch will further solve fps hits from added aircraft or other addons hopefully:) i hope this helps resolve some people's anxiety with the phenom and cerenado, Daniel
  3. daniel douville

    No one noticed? Hot fix for gauges posted....

    hey all, i just bought the cerenado phenom and one button is not working on the gps1000, the enter button! i thought id try this hotfix from p3d but i dont know how to overwrite the dll files,, can anyone help me with that? thanks!
  4. daniel douville

    no mouse click spots

    thanks!! i did it, working:)
  5. daniel douville

    no mouse click spots

    greetings all! thanks so much for the fix, after deleting the situation line in the CFG files and modifying the SHOW_SCENARIO line, my buttons work! id love to try the second fix for the saved flight, but i cant find where the saved flights are in Prepar3d!! once i find that im pretty sure i can open it easily with notepad,, any help would be highly appreciated!! thanks, daniel
  6. daniel douville

    newbie to x-plane level flight issues

    Wow! this forum rules!! ive never experienced such support with FSX, thanks so much,, ill be happily experimenting tonight after the kids soccer practice:) thanks a ton folks,,
  7. Hi everyone! Im a veteran FSX user that just made the switch over to x-plane. i had a very easy install and upgrade, all my saitek controls, yoke,pedals, and trim wheel all connected just fine, however the problems started after i attempted to lift off the cessna 172 during a trial flight. The aircraft simply rolls left and wont stop rolling despite attempting to trim out the roll or even hold the yoke full right and pedals full right. I slid all of the sliders in joystick setup to the right, i calibrated all of the controls, i read about normal flight drift and control,( i have 6 hours in the 172), i recalibrated the controls,i set a null zone to help out, i tried numerous aircraft to no avail. after doing this all, i realized that i didnt have disc 1 in the DVD drive and i havent had a chance to try it with the disc in,(im at work),, would this help with this particular problem? I also installed x plane on my work laptop and i only use the mouse to fly it at work when i can, and there is no dramatic roll issue at all,, i havent updated my laptop version of x-plane at work, so i thought maybe its working well because i havent updated to the current version?? this seems illogical,, at any rate, is there any advice or tutorial i can get that will help me fly smoothly? again i understand natural drift and roll but this is WAY beyond what would be considered normal effects,, Im really excited to be flying x-plane, FSX has served me well,, but im ready to move on!! thanks a ton daniel