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  1. Thanks for posting. My deepest sympathies to Sean and his family.
  2. Mr. RickP do you still have the mod for the Carenado 350i from Whaamil77? If so could I get a copy of it? My email is tstubbs@gmail.com. Thanks, Tom Stubbs
  3. I would love to get your Blackhawk Mod for the KingAir 350i.  My email is tstubbs@gmail.com.




  4. Very nice Scott!! Please let me know when it is available for download. Thanks, Tom
  5. Nice video David!!! Is does seem that Carenado came up short on this airplane.
  6. Good morning Rob!! It was a very good experience. I was the senior guy for the E-2C. I never got to sit in a cockpit of an F-18. Yes I was a Aviation Structural Mechanic Second Class at the time (E-5). The F-18 was from one from one of the other squadrons on the ship. Yes it is a very different part of the world. I was there before that big hotel was built even. So that was a fun air show. I did have to wear my uniform and represent the Navy for the E-2C but I also got to see alot of other countries' aircraft and some land vehicles. I think your video was very impressive!! Tom
  7. Hey Rob, That is a very nice video!! I really like the way you have everything setup. Question for you: If you had multiple cards running in SLI how would your results be? When I saw you had picked Dubai. It reminded me of one of my trips to the Gulf. I was one of five guys that flew off the ship. We took an E-2 and a F-18 to the Dubai International Airshow. We were sponsored by Grumman and they were trying to sell the E-2 to UAE. So me being an E-5 in the Navy I had to tell the Sheik that he couldn't see the inside of the aircraft. I did get to meet him face to face. Tom
  8. Nice video Rob!! Look forward to seeing more videos and more results of your tests.
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