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  1. GTrakl

    744 v3 BETA - On the gate at VHHX

    I'm confused. This is the second topic to call it v3... Isn't it v2? Anyway, great screens!
  2. GTrakl

    Sounds at 737/800 NGX Winglets?

    Do you have to do that in every topic like this? Cmon lad, he's asking for alternatives, so clearly he is not satisfied with the sounds (them being realistic or not). All the PMDG defensors on this forum really bum me out... Give it a rest guys. We all know PMDG makes a fantastic job, but not everyone has to agree with everything. Anyway , to the OP, check out this thread: Cheers!
  3. GTrakl

    Six big stutters every 30sec's

    Do you by any chance have auto-save turned on within FSUIPC? That could cause the stutters everytime it saves... Cheers!
  4. You are absolutely right. I really don't get this "PMDG Cult" that exists right now on the simming community. Yes, they make fantastic planes, really top of the line products, but they are not the only ones.