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  1. Hi, no i am not, so far i dont even know if is compatible with Dx10 lol
  2. Thanks for reply I already posted and no solution, this is dx10 preview related
  3. Hi guys, After my recently installation of my new airport ORBX KJAC Jackson Hole for Fsx i get in to a trouble on my airport lights with dx10 preview, this image talk by itself! please any help will be appreciate, before this i had a lot of black boxes all around the map, i just installed the Steve's Shader 3.2.3 app to fix it, but now this. imag
  4. HI guys, Anybody has this kind of problem with lights at Orbx KJAC? i'll appreciate any advice to fix it. imag
  5. http://forum.avsim.net/topic/353539-official-groundroll-enhancement-thread/ Steve unfortunately passed away but his sounds live on! Bro the download link is redirecting to other page there is no way to download the file, can you posted in a download server for us? PLease!!!!
  6. I updated the version yesterday to 337.88, i dont remember what version i had before but it was a beta driver :rolleyes:
  7. As you said, i tested without weather and it doesnt happens, everything runs good, high in fps outside 40-50, but 20-25 on virtual cockpit, what this means? i cannot use weather engine?
  8. I dont know if i did the correct choice but i went back to win 7 and i have a lot of pain configuring dx10 xD
  9. I will try it with no weather and im going to update the results
  10. Dear guys, Please!! i need your help, i dont know what the *&))()* is happening with my sim :( check this out on the following pictures, i dont know how describe this just a blue shadow sometimes or yellow flying over it, i dont know and this happens in all the airports, i got ftx global + vector. sube fotos on this one you can see the shadow at the background sube imagenes I'll appreciate your help! Note: black boxes already fixed with Steve Shader release 3.2.3
  11. Hi guys, As showed at the pictures im having some textures missing and shadow issues, this happens at some ORBX airports as KMRY, PAJN and AYPY with DX10 Preview mode, i already check the settings at all airports control panel extension, everything look good. Any advice? subir fotos a internet sube imagenes sube fotos
  12. Hi guys, As showed at the pictures im having some textures missing and shadow issues, this happens at some ORBX airports as KMRY, PAJN and AYPY. Any advice? subir fotos a internet sube imagenes
  13. Thanks for the suggestion! Actually i tried that package before come and post for others solutions, i really like the sounds such engines and cabine, but i am having problems with flap sounds and is that my aircraft just dont play the sound, also the sounds doesnt work on 737/800 winglets, if i find solution to make it work propertly im going to keep that package for sure thanks
  14. Hi guys, I would like any suggestion to improve the sounds on my aircraft to make them more realistic possible, theres any addon or library to do it? thanks i'll appreciate it.
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