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  1. Hello everyone, A few weeks ago, I joined the Royal Australian Air Force Cadets. Now recently they were teaching me a bit of the F/A-18 and want me to learn more about it. :smile: So I was wondering if there's a full tutorial on how to know and use all the controls (and buttons) on Acceleration's F/A-18? Regards, Campo
  2. Campo

    If you could fly any aircraft what would you fly?

    Pretty much the F/A-18. :lol:
  3. hmmm...Perhaps the default 737 Qantas texture merged in with PMDG's 737? Could be possible (or is possible)
  4. Hello declantraianou, I know this isn't part of your request, but here is already a Qantas texture for the default 737 in FSX: It has 164 liveries for the Default FSX 737, but It also has the Qantas Texture as well ^_^ Cheers! Ranwer BTW: However, it is really rare and hard to find this kind of Qantas texture, therefore I have found it for ya.