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  1. Hello everyone, A few weeks ago, I joined the Royal Australian Air Force Cadets. Now recently they were teaching me a bit of the F/A-18 and want me to learn more about it. :smile: So I was wondering if there's a full tutorial on how to know and use all the controls (and buttons) on Acceleration's F/A-18? Regards, Campo
  2. Campo

    If you could fly any aircraft what would you fly?

    Pretty much the F/A-18. :lol:
  3. hmmm...Perhaps the default 737 Qantas texture merged in with PMDG's 737? Could be possible (or is possible)
  4. I suppose My computer wasn't responding at the time of loading with DXTBMP (which caused the issue) Well, I do know paint is useless if you don't want to be doing advanced painting with aircraft, but I managed to create a repaint for FSX using paint. (but that still doesn't mean I should use it) Yeah, thank you so much beardysi, I'll try and download photoshop now. Cheers! Campo
  5. 1. Make sure the actual texture has been successfully converted (by using DXTBMP) Also, Sometimes DXTBMP will not load the rest of the picture (which can be deceiving), which a tiny missing part of the texture can even stuff up the whole aircraft's texture. (which happened to me once) 2. I use "Microsoft Paint". (if you don't want to be using payware) With Paint, I can highlight a specific area of the texture and re-paste it on the other side of the fuselage. then I keep the re-pasted highlighted and flip it horizontally or vertically. But, I'm not really sure what the interface of Photoshop is? :unsure: You're gonna have to find that one out by yourself. Regards, Campo
  6. Hello declantraianou, I know this isn't part of your request, but here is already a Qantas texture for the default 737 in FSX: It has 164 liveries for the Default FSX 737, but It also has the Qantas Texture as well ^_^ Cheers! Ranwer BTW: However, it is really rare and hard to find this kind of Qantas texture, therefore I have found it for ya.
  7. Hello Everyone, Over 3 days, I have worked on this repaint for everyone who are members of the site. So here it is, a repaint of PPP's Super Tucano plane: NOTE: You may use this texture to show your flight plans, free flight, pics and more on AVSIM (since it has the logo on the plane) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- To find PPP's Super Tucano plane, here: Merry Christmas Everyone! (even though its not here yet, lets say its an early one) Campo
  8. Ok, well I have ADEX (the latest version), but someone on YouTube said that the background image was only used to fix proportions and areas of the airport in ADEX. I'm almost used to using ADEX (plus this is my first airport too), but is there any tutorials around that will help me get rid of the overlapping as well as putting photographic scenery? (I'm thinking of releasing my first airport to everyone for free) Regards, Campo EDIT: Thanks max5guy, I'll try and give that a try today. :smile:
  9. Hello again, I'm making a custom scenery of Gladestone, Australia (YGLA). Now, I got the scenery to work in FSX, but as soon as I took my first look as it appeared in FSX, It was overlapping? Here is a screenshot of the problem: The middle of the photo shows default FSX scenery overlapping my new scenery. And I noticed that on the left side of the photo, My photo scenery didn't appear either? The only thing that appeared was the new airport. :huh: It would be great if someone could show me how to fix this. Campo
  10. Campo

    Anyone recognise this air crash?

    Then I suppose the case Is already solved then. ^_^ (I've never seen the ad for myself anyway, I think Its only viewed in the United States?) Cheers! Campo
  11. EDIT: Ok, I've adjusted the size of a stock airport of Unalakeet with the background image I pasted in. But, how do I finish the project off and make it work in FSX?
  12. Hi, Campo here. Right now, I'm downloading the latest version of ADE, but here are a few questions (which I'm new to this kind of designing) Is it possible to put (example: 3ds max or Gmax) buildings in the editor? And I'm using google maps (for photo realism) and I was wondering how to rotate the camera? (because I'm trying to take a shot of Unalakeet's Long Runway as well as the town) Kind Regards, Ranwer
  13. Another Pic I uploaded while I was flying from Darwin to Perth. :smile:
  14. Campo

    Anyone recognise this air crash?

    Would this crash have anything to do with the "Air Crash Investigations" show? After all, I think they show pretty much every crash (or mysterious crash) on their show? :huh:
  15. This is my first pic to show for the AVSIM Forum :wink: