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  1. oddjobprime

    RC1 is out

    Having a DK2 myself, I firmly believe this is the future of all things simulation and I am thrilled that they are working on implementing it sooner rather than later. The more experience they have with this dev kit, the more ready they will be for the consumer version which should keep them in the game. That being said, I prefer flying GA aircraft so, for me, it may be a better fit at the moment due to a limited need for cockpit interaction.
  2. oddjobprime

    Oculus rift.

    Jason, Do you get tracking judder when flying in DCS? I have yet to find a solution to this problem. I have a smooth frame rate (75Hz) and I know for sure it is not a frame sync issue. Even though I can't fly it for an extended amount of time due to the judder, I can confirm that the sensation of flight is amazing with a true sense of elevation above the ground, sense that you are really flying through clouds, and that slightly claustrophobic sensation from being in such a tiny cockpit. Even a triple screen setup doesn't come close to conveying these things on the same level. Looking up to find the ground while doing a back loop - quite amazing! My only concern for X-Plane will be getting a high enough frame rate to hit that magical 75Hz on the rift. I hope the engine is efficient enough for that.
  3. oddjobprime

    help with first flight

    Here are a couple of good documents to read. http://www.flightsimbooks.com/flightsimhandbook/ http://www.atpflightschool.com/students/downloads/ATP-Cessna-172-Training-Supplement.pdf I will tell you, not long after "just flying around" for a while, I quickly realized how complex the world of flight is when I asked myself "OK, now how do I know where I'm going?", somewhat like you are doing. For every question, there is a Google answer and probably a few good YouTube tutorials, either real or simulated. All I do is investigate using these all these resouces when I need to learn something new, and then piece it all together. The complexity of it all is what makes this so compelling, IMO. I learn something new pretty well every day and I'm still just trying to become half-decent at the basics of flight and navigation with the Cessna 152! Have fun!