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    Hi Roger, You can get a subscription from either Navigraph or Aerosoft, both sell AIRACs as subscriptions or you can buy a single AIRAC if you want. Personally I use Navigraph and have the subscription including their charts. //Mats
  2. Diezel

    737ngx autopilot disengage

    Hi Kevin, if you look at the settings in the FMC you'll find the keyboard sequence to disengage. I think it was CTRL+SHIFT+A, you can then create a keyboard press in FSUIPC so when you press your disconnect button it actually sends CTRL+SHIFT+A to the sim.
  3. Diezel

    Aerosoft EFHK at P3D 2.5

    Did you guys get the lights fixed? I see the same issue as the second to last post here, http://forum.aerosoft.com/index.php?/topic/91991-helsinki-p3d-compatibility/ where the lights look like they are small suns.
  4. Isn't it a license violation to fly the NGX in P3D? Or has this been changed?
  5. Hi, I'm curious if it's possible to change the default information audio in the cabin before takeoff. I would like to play a custom "security video".
  6. Diezel

    Change default Audio

    Ok, Thanks for the reply, I was kind of guessing that after taking a look at the folders and their content. If at any point you consider changes to this, it would be a nice feature. This just for the parts where we hear cabin announcements, to get the audio files out would allow us to replace them with our own. But for the moment not possible. Thanks anyway for a magnificent product, never had any problems with FS2Crew, running it for the 737NGX and the new Airbuses. Praise is too rarely spread so I'll use this opportunity to spread some Thanks for your hard work to make simulation more realistic //Mats
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    PMDG NGX background brightness VC

    Have you by any chance use one of the Cockpit Color mods? I've seen a lot of people using the mods,
  8. Not sure why but for some reason my NGX is acting up. On the last two tried flights I can't get the speed to pass 200kn. The only thing changed on the sim-computer is Windows updates but I have a hard time believing they could break only the speed of the 737. Doesn't matter if I'm on AT or manual, full power and the plane still can't ascend or pick up speed. Has anyone else seen anything like it? Should I just remove and re-install the NGX or is there something else that could be done?
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    We don't have the power captain

    I'll try another flight tonight. FSUIPC is actually controlling the flaps, and AS2012 is controlling weather. This was the second flight this happened to. Thanks for the ideas.
  10. Diezel

    We don't have the power captain

    Still being a noob I did not check. But should not have been anything I did not have before. I was flying out of EKCH and got stuck at 2400ft. The engines were at TO2 but that hasn't been a problem before either. The calculations were done with PFPX and Topcat.
  11. It would be extremely nice to get an update from PMDG on how the XP10 version is coming along. My daily routines now include checking two threads, this one and the status of the 737 classic IXEG is creating. I already have xp10 ready to go and it is beautiful, but I love my NGX so I always find myself flying in fsx when time allows.
  12. I've been looking at the 757, the A320 Neo I've read a lot about and not quite convinced with it yet. I love my 738, so looking for something similar, the 757 might be good, but it's not a PMDG. So at the moment I'm flying with FSX when I really want to fly and trimming my Xplane so it's ready when I find a plane I like. All comes down to preferences and what you want to fly, the IXEG looks very promising and as soon as x737 get their VC ready it's suitable. As I'm only flying on my PC I really want the virtual cockpit. The home cockpit build we are doing is using x737 and Xplane, but that one does not need a VC so it's different.
  13. Bought X-Plane 10 a while back. For now still flying FSX and PMDG 737-800NGX due to the lack of good planes in X-Plane. There are a few promising projects but both have been developed for a long time already and no information on when they will come out. XP10 is as so many said a great platform, it looks great and performs like a dream compared to FSX partly because of the 32-bit limitation in FSX. I'm not going to tech here and talk about the memory internals in the os but we will get so much more out of modern hardware with XP10. And the lack of good planes on X-plane is the reason why I rarely fire up XP, it's almost always FSX and the 738. Really looking forward to this product.