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  1. So I have already downloaded some scenery from Simheaven including the V2 Mesh for Photoscenery. This large 9.1GB folder of mesh contains lots of Nav Data. If I only download one area of Switzerland ZL17 scenery, then all I need from the Mesh V2 folder is the one that applies to Switzerland area that I downloaded? In other words, I won't need all the 9.1GB of mesh if I only have one photoscenery area in Switzerland.
  2. Well if that's all there is to it... nice. Just going through all the threads and download options becomes quite confusing. Especially when all I want is exclusively photoscenery textures with autogen (think FranceVFR for FSX), sometimes people are saying things that apply to landclass only.
  3. Before I decide to get X-Plane, I'm trying to decipher all this "stuff" available for X-Plane. It is CONFUSING. OSM, OSM + Autogen, Mesh for Photoscenery, Mesh V2 OSM Scenery, European Library, and more even. And on top of that, there is just too much info out there. If I search on Google or the various forums I am literally inundated with too much information it become overload. With that said: -I want to fly photoscenery exclusively -I want to fly Europe photoscenery. -I want ALL the excellent and latest buildings, forests, European objects. -I want the latest and greatest MESH. -I want whatever else I don't know I want. And what I understand is this: -I will download ZL17 tiles from SimHeaven for Europe. -I will download "HD Mesh V2 for Photoscenery" from Simheaven. Beyond that I am clueless.
  4. It may be a silly question for people who know. But I don't know, that's why I asked. You gotta admit, it's fairly confusing when you come from FSX where mesh is mesh and photoscenery is photoscenery.
  5. Thankyou, so I need the Mesh for Photoscenery V2, instead of Mesh V2. I notice that Mesh Europe V2 ZL17 is 9GB in size. I assume that is not including the ZL17 Photoscenery textures, correct?
  6. Why wouldn't you just download the HD Mesh V2 that's available elsewhere then? I guess I must be confused. If someone had say Swtizerland Photoscenery ZL17 already installed, then why not just go download HD Mesh V2 for Europe which covers the Swiss area? In other words, is this "HD Mesh V2 for Photosceneries" something special that can only work with the listed photosceneries?
  7. Over at http://www.simheaven.de they describe the HD Mesh V2 for Photosceneries ZL17/ZL16. Is this the exact same thing as the HD Mesh V2 that was recently released? If so, why is it described as mesh for photoscenery?
  8. You may see me around here looking your way. Pay me no mind. I'm not really staring at you in any uncomfortable way. I'm just eyeing your X-Plane package. Since getting P3D, I'm seriously thinking about switching sides. So you may see me hanging around here, over your shoulder a time or two, but don't worry, I'm not flirting with you, just your seXy-Plane.
  9. MSE uses this USGS data, which is free to download and use at your whim: http://viewer.nationalmap.gov/viewer/ Zoom around, make sure you click the IMAGERY on the left side menu, and also click Imagery at the top of the map so you see the photoscenery map. There is a bounding box tool that will allow you to selct any area you want, and then it allows you to download the photos in convenient large size tiles. There are many places that are 12 inches/pixel, and the rest of the USA in 1 meter/pixel. It is slow to zoom in so give it time. However, when you hit the download button, it will load much faster. The reason I post this is because you guys want it, and it's free and easy for the picking right there. I have no idea how to make photoscenery in XP yet since I am still contemplating buying it. But I do have Switzerland in 50cm awesomeness for FSX/P3D. I'd love to do this with XP because I see the potential.
  10. I simply renamed my c:\Prepar3d folder as c:\Microsoft Flight Simulator Installed ORBX PNW. Renamed the FSX folder back to c:\Prepar3d, and ran FTX Central. All worked fine.
  11. How difficult is making photoscenery for XP? I have some very good Switzerland photoscenery source at 50cm or less and have converted it to P3D. But it is very easy to use with programs like FS Earth Tiles that pretty much do it all for you. So, if I were to get XP and want to do the same with Swtizerland: 1- how easy is it? is it automated somewhat? 2- Will it support autogen buildings an trees on top of the photoscenery? Does it do this automatically or is this an extra tedious step like in P3D?
  12. Would I be allowed to post some Swiss photoscenery pics from P3D here or would that be uncouth?
  13. There's a much simpler program out there for adding autogen, but can't think of the name. It's as easy a point and place.
  14. What the heck. This forum sucks for user friendliness. Why is it so hard to simply post screenshots. And yeah, good thing about P3D, you don't need 8-10 addons.
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