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  1. Yes, so if one was going to spend that much money they would be better off getting an RTX Titan. That gives one 24GB vram vs the 11 GB with a 2080TI,
  2. The question that comes to mind is why wasn't this info regarding the 'many issues/bugs' posted here before V5 went on sale?
  3. I'm pretty sure he did comprehend.
  4. One nice feature about the Professional version is you have more control over when you want to install Win10 updates. Also, there are a lot of tutorials and help for Win10 at this Forum .
  5. I think it a big event. Last major software upgrade I needed to cut completely loose from FSX. Thanks FlightOne!
  6. I purchased the DVD version directly from Pilot's a few weeks ago. Very quick delivery.
  7. Thanks. That worked. After loading the flight and then using top menu to go to change location I am able to uncheck the 'restore time on move' box.
  8. Am trying to uncheck the Restore Time on Move box on the Select Airport page. However am unable to do so. Is there some other setting that might be preventing me from doing so? Here is a pic: I tried asking this question in another post earlier today, but was unable to display a pic at that time. Finally figured out how to display pic, apologies for double posting.
  9. Wonder what I am doing wrong. I can see the 'Restore time on move' box twith the tick mark. But am unable to untick it. https://www.dropbox.com/pri/get/Public/RestoreTimeOnMove.gif?_subject_uid=66517737&w=AAC-k4pvaGiaL5en9d6bmTVJVzVyAYgkSDkDj9HAwJWj4g
  10. I have the same impression. Reminds me of that old combat sim IL-2 Sturmovik 1946, Those with Nvidia cards also would have black water unless a few changes were made in the .cfg file.
  11. Thanks for the good news Scott. Appreciate that you are so open to helping your customers out.
  12. That option should be given when installing the aircraft. We shouldn't be expected to have to move it after the installation.
  13. I also could not vote. I did at one time have P3Dv3 installed but went back to FSX. In any case, I am excited about P3Dv4 and plan on purchasing it. Will still keep FSX on my system.
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