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  1. Ssnake51

    Flight 1 GTN 750 & GTN 650 released!

    Nope. Just $19.95.
  2. Ssnake51

    Flight 1 GTN 750 & GTN 650 released!

    I think it a big event. Last major software upgrade I needed to cut completely loose from FSX. Thanks FlightOne!
  3. Ssnake51

    FS Global Ultimate NG Download Version Released

    I purchased the DVD version directly from Pilot's a few weeks ago. Very quick delivery.
  4. Ssnake51

    How to get P3D to change local time for each airport?

    Thanks. That worked. After loading the flight and then using top menu to go to change location I am able to uncheck the 'restore time on move' box.
  5. Am trying to uncheck the Restore Time on Move box on the Select Airport page. However am unable to do so. Is there some other setting that might be preventing me from doing so? Here is a pic: I tried asking this question in another post earlier today, but was unable to display a pic at that time. Finally figured out how to display pic, apologies for double posting.
  6. Ssnake51

    How to get P3D to change local time for each airport?

    Wonder what I am doing wrong. I can see the 'Restore time on move' box twith the tick mark. But am unable to untick it.
  7. Ssnake51

    P3Dv4 - Any way to fix the water?

    I have the same impression. Reminds me of that old combat sim IL-2 Sturmovik 1946, Those with Nvidia cards also would have black water unless a few changes were made in the .cfg file.
  8. Thanks for the good news Scott. Appreciate that you are so open to helping your customers out.
  9. That option should be given when installing the aircraft. We shouldn't be expected to have to move it after the installation.
  10. Ssnake51

    [Poll] What's your Prepar3D v4 plans?

    I also could not vote. I did at one time have P3Dv3 installed but went back to FSX. In any case, I am excited about P3Dv4 and plan on purchasing it. Will still keep FSX on my system.
  11. Ssnake51

    GEX Released for P3D

    Thanks, Vic. Hal
  12. Ssnake51

    GEX Released for P3D

    Another question regarding the use of FSGlobal 2010. Looks like the only downloadable version of that product is the one listed as FTX compatible. Am I correct in assuming that it should still be ok to use it in P3D with GEP3D + UTX? I currently am using FSG2010 in FSX with FTX products but plan on replacing FTX with GEX/UTX this weekend since I like what I am seeing in P3D.
  13. Ssnake51

    GEX Released for P3D

    Thanks Anthony (and Vic). That is a great guide.
  14. Ssnake51

    GEX Released for P3D

    It's all relative. :smile: So far looking better to me than FTX Global and FTX Vector flying around the SF Bay Area where I live. Am now wondering if it is ok to install FS Global 2010 or will it mess things up?
  15. Ssnake51

    GEX Released for P3D

    Thanks for clarifying that, Anthony. I purchased the Professional rather than the Academic version of P3D because I wanted to help contribute to its development. Am not currently enrolled in any professional training course. Nor, given my lousy vision and hearing, do I plan on ever enrolling. Will make purchasing GEX P3D a much more pleasant experience than I was expecting.