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  1. Yes, I certainly hope the main schedule database is a long way from being the finished article still.
  2. I'm also usually flying out of EGCC and i'll be honest, i'm really not impressed with the product. Like you, I want airports that look like they're lived in. Doesn't have to be 100% accurate forever but I want something that at least approximates to reality at some point in time within the limits of the sim and reasonable maintenance. However, the default database schedules seem to lack an awful lot of traffic for EGCC (long haul especially) and trying to set it up yourself has been a huge faff so far. Not helped especially because when you go in and re-edit your own AI flight plan then it only seems to reload about half your settings. The UI/UX of it is a mess (not least the annoyance of having to seemingly click twice to set checkboxes and process locks on the underlying data files requiring restarts a few times already). I'll be blunt and say that if I knew what I know now after buying the product then I wouldn't have bought it in its current state.
  3. I saw similar after updating and still to a lesser extent after a full reinstall. More a minor irritation than a big problem though.
  4. Milviz Phantom caused a CTD for me (they only claim to support to 4.1 currently anyway).
  5. Is that injection interval configurable in the program? That 'end of the weather' effect you highlight puts me off a bit too but surely if you could make fresh injections more frequent then it would alleviate the issue somewhat?
  6. What sort of overclocks are people seeing on the 8700K? Without liquid cooling, de-liding or driving temps right up under load i'd mainly heard a modest increase to 4.8GHz was what most were doing? Part of me half wonders if that's all on offer then is the vanilla 8700 probably worth a go (what numbers i've seen for all-core stock speeds show it tied with a stock 8700K) and spending the money saved dropping the K elsewhere.
  7. I also stepped up from FSX to P3D v4. Only ORBX (Eng/Sco/Wal scenery) has switched over officially, and i've managed to get Traffic 360 over too with a bit of manual editing. Impressions so far is that its an evolutionary jump rather than revolutionary. Frame rates are a bit better, it looks nicer but it still has its quirks (like little bits of textures spiking up randomly out of the ground when going low level with ORBX scenery). Just waiting on REX to spin up the updates to get my weather back. Still waiting on third parties to update aircraft but i'm having enough fun for now. Some stuff I know will have to be bought again if I want it, although likely I won't bother. PMDG 777 is too expensive to justify and i'll either sack them off completely or possibly get the 737 instead. VRS F18 is also a big ask with the double hit of having to buy Tacpack too. Other stuff i'm hoping will come across for little/no cost in time. Milviz claim to be charging only a nominal $5 to upgrade the Phantom and I expect that Aerosoft will come good on the F14 and Lightning and JF on the Tornado. The Tornado will be interesting to see if it comes good if they port it as I found it really struggled relative to some comparable products on FSX. It could just be inferior coding or maybe it'll do better in 64 bit P3D land.
  8. Indeed. The two nearest to me in the real world are Manchester (EGCC) and Woodford (EGCD). EGCC still shows runways 24L/R and 6L/R but those were changed a few years back to 25 & 5. EGCD doesn't even exist anymore as the site closed in 2011, the runway was dug up and it is now a housing estate.
  9. Is it set up to launch FSX full screen? This caused problems for me where it'd invariably CTD when trying to fly (set Maximised to 0 in your fsx.cfg).
  10. I too have just finished a second bite at upgrading after I couldn't get FSX (DX10 mode) working at the first attempt. Seems fine now but had to deal with the following.. - The ACM for the VRS Superbug only works in Windows 7 compatibility mode, otherwise it hangs and then eventually crashes due to a compiler timeout. - REX Essential Overdrive only works well in Windows 7 compatibility mode, otherwise it was taking literally half an hour to initialise. - FSX would CTD if you ran it with the 'maximised' setting in FSX.CFG set to 1. Although switching to full-screen mode is largely fine as long as you don't start in it. Changing that flag and deleting the shaders were all I had to change from my Windows 7 setup. - Auto GPU scaling doesn't seem to work (I run FSX at 1920x1080 on a 1900x1200 panel), although I believe this is a nVidia driver issue? The workaround is easy enough though.
  11. I too couldn't get it to work either on a pristine install of both Windows 10 (latest nvidia drivers etc) and FSX Acceleration in DX10 mode (no third party add-ons or NI installed at this stage). Typically it would CTD with errors in kernelbase.dll or fsxui.dll after alot of flickering of the desktop/black screen after hitting 'Fly Now'. This was with trying all manner of compatibility settings and I run it as admin as a matter of course anyway. Ended up reinstalling Windows 7 in the end.
  12. Funnily enough i've had all kinds of problems too. Upgraded and FSX didn't work. Did clean Windows 10 and FSX install (FSX + Acceleration) and it worked about 1 time out of 10 in either DX9 or DX10 mode. Tried all kinds of compatibility mode combinations with no decent results. Generally it crashed to desktop on going into 'Fly Now' (usually either kernelbase.dll or fsxui.dll were the culprits). Am not part way through reinstalling my system back on Windows 7. A pity, as otherwise I like Windows 10 but I need my FSX fix! This was with a nvidia 680 graphics card and latest drivers by the way.
  13. Anyone know where you can get installers for prior versions from? I updated to 2.3 and (unless my mind is playing tricks) flashing water tiles seems worse than I remember. Was going to downgrade but the only other version I've got an installer for is ancient (1.4).
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