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  1. FWIW I'd really value this also... if time ever allows of course. I mean it's great now using XP11 to link between PSX and P2ATC, but a direct link would be even better. Controlling the radios would be the thing, the option that XView allows. best wishes, Kabbers
  2. Hi, Thank you for the excellent trial to explore this superb program, I think it's great, very likely to purchase, respect for a great program cheers! In that spirit, a quick question please: so I really like to use the SayIt and ?/?+ functions, as I need to be quiet very often, and while the ?+ function is great and increased the options, I think there may be more voice activated options than we can currently access with ?/?+. For instance the Request>Direct facility isn't up yet with SayIt/?+, that's a big one So I wanted please just to ask if we can look forward to more options using SayIt in the future? I also had one possible feature request for SayIt to modest suggest? I love that there are many options from the SayIt dropdown (and ask for more above!) and yet sometimes it is also an issue to click the dropdown, find the one to use... it can take a few more seconds than ideal occassionally... I was wondering if some kind of "favourites" or "most likely" prioritisation of the drop down might be possible? Just really any way to quickly get to the most common and likely choices. RC4 for example has that way of offering the most likely options across buttons 1-4 etc. across sometimes 3-4 pages of most to least likely interactions. This is just an idea from a UI perspective, offered just as such cheers. best wishes, Kabbers / Dom
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