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  1. Great guidelines thanks, just a couple of things on my mind: 1. when merging the ATC folders (e.g. Dep_Gnd and Dest_Gnd) there are some sound files with the same names, if you're using the FS-ATC file set - but they are not the same actual ATC sounds... so I'm wondering whether, rather than overwriting repeat file names and losing many ATC sounds, it's better to bulk rename the files in one of the merging directories before the merge? There are bulk renaming tools like BRU that can do this if its a good idea. 2. for a region like say Europe, I've tried creating a region roughly the shape of Europe in the PATC Authentic ATC editor map, and assigning that region the 6 folders described in the instrux above... I'm now hoping I have not overwritten the lower level assignments - such as countries within Europe. The PATC map editor doesn't make it super clear. Will test, but I wish the PATC map editor handled the hierarchy of Region-Country-Sector-Airport more visibly.
  2. FWIW I'd really value this also... if time ever allows of course. I mean it's great now using XP11 to link between PSX and P2ATC, but a direct link would be even better. Controlling the radios would be the thing, the option that XView allows. best wishes, Kabbers
  3. Hi, Thank you for the excellent trial to explore this superb program, I think it's great, very likely to purchase, respect for a great program cheers! In that spirit, a quick question please: so I really like to use the SayIt and ?/?+ functions, as I need to be quiet very often, and while the ?+ function is great and increased the options, I think there may be more voice activated options than we can currently access with ?/?+. For instance the Request>Direct facility isn't up yet with SayIt/?+, that's a big one So I wanted please just to ask if we can look forward to more options using SayIt in the future? I also had one possible feature request for SayIt to modest suggest? I love that there are many options from the SayIt dropdown (and ask for more above!) and yet sometimes it is also an issue to click the dropdown, find the one to use... it can take a few more seconds than ideal occassionally... I was wondering if some kind of "favourites" or "most likely" prioritisation of the drop down might be possible? Just really any way to quickly get to the most common and likely choices. RC4 for example has that way of offering the most likely options across buttons 1-4 etc. across sometimes 3-4 pages of most to least likely interactions. This is just an idea from a UI perspective, offered just as such cheers. best wishes, Kabbers / Dom
  4. Light relief moment for all on VAS? we've entered genuine Gulliver's Travels Brobdingnag back slapping farce when we really truly and earnestly continue to debate at length about VAS being half full or half empty - really should one should break the egg from the narrow end, or the wide end up == invitation to laugh again as friends :- ) No disrespects lol to either view And very much look forward to geolpilot's your final research - as long as it's good news I hope: something we can use please please until patched ! Because veg autogen to sparse may after all be inaccurate but it's got the single virtue of getting some of us back in the air for more than 20 minutes without oom :-) Sunny side up, Kab x Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. Thus inspired by Jeroen (thank you) I just flew an absolute and instructive wind-beaten beauty with P3D v2.1 from Dublin to Cork via Shannon. C172, REX textures down a bit, Opus, Vector, FTX Ireland, and many other settings high again now I know they are not what was creating my OOMs. Veg Autogen to Sparse so far sidesteps OOM on my system entirely The VAS situation stays calm And FTX regions look very good even on Sparse especially when other settings can go high to sweeten the situation
  6. I went the patch route, have a ton of addons some using EMT others native P3D, Traffic3D, etc. and P3Dv2.1 looks abso-lutely jaw-droppingly STUNNING to me. I did have some microstutters but they went away after I twiddled with my basic nvidia control panel. I did, however, experience an OOM after about 45 minutes. Perhaps my own fault for having many settings very high, but it looks like we're still going to be responsible for our own addon and settings ambitions if we want to avoid the OOMs. Which is fair enough in my view, if the situation is manageable. I'll say again though, 2.1 looks jaw-droppingly stunning to me, so once everyone's initial teething problems are sorted out, I suspect it'll be back to finding the right balance per setup, to sidestep OOMs. best wishes to all for speedy and satisfying rebuilds where necessary, 2.1 looks awesome overall, Kabbers
  7. I'm glad LM released PD3v2 exactly when they did because my old FSX wouldn't appear to install into Win8. I've since realised that P3Dv2 is a whole new level of immersion and learning, and I live good with the choices I've made (including Win8, which is absolutely fine if you take a day to learn it properly). For the price of addons: there have always been so many addons which I want but can't afford because I can't afford to scenery up the whole world lol, so many remain out of reach to me, and nothing's changed - it's always been about choices and investment. In a small, specialist community of vendors and customers as we are, best route to happiness I know is to move gracefully and enjoy the choices; the prices are part of the landscape P3Dv2 has a great future imho Kab
  8. Hello Bill The Carenado installer lets you choose the directory so point it at your P3Dv2 directory. Then you may have some outer parts of the plane missing? Installing the latest patch from the Carenado site fixed that problem for me in P3Dv2, and the installation is complete. This plane does hit my frame rates quite heavily in P3Dv2, but it's nice ) cheers Kabbers
  9. Hello Bill Running the installation with Administrator rights did the trick for me. So when I first installed this plane, just using the installer supplied, some of the outer parts of the plane were missing - maybe that's your problem also? If so, then what I did was to re-run the installation program for the plane with Administrator rights, and the files seem to install correctly. To achieve that if you're not used to it, right click the installer exe file once it's in a directory on your computer, and choose Run as Administrator. This plane hits frame rates some on my system, but it's rather nice I hope that works for you Bill. I really appreciate everyone's help and support on this forum, ty best, Kabbers
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