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  1. Hope this is not a dumb question but if we use self-generated ortho4xp scenery, do we need to re-generate the tiles using the new mesh? Thanks, Sion
  2. Brian, that is simply amazing.
  3. sionalford

    Air Hauler 2

    I am enjoying it also. I use it in the SoCal area with Pilot Edge and it is a blast. Sion
  4. sionalford

    Good settings for 1080GTX and 4k (PMDG)?

    Try running no anti aliasing. With a 4K monitor I don't use it and can't tell the difference. Also, try dropping to 2k textures. Will help with the OOMs. My thoughts, Sion
  5. sionalford

    Dornier DO228 100 HD SERIES FSX/P3D

    Thank you Ed! I will look no further and figure it out with the documentation you mention. Sion Great plane and I enjoy flying it with Air Hauler. Limited documentation is the price I guess I will have to pay to fly it! Thanks! Sion
  6. sionalford

    Dornier DO228 100 HD SERIES FSX/P3D

    Sorry if this is a dumb question, but this is the first Carenado product I have owned. Is there some documentation that describes all the procedures for this aircraft? Startup, cruise, etc? I have viewed the videos mentioned above and read the documentation that came with the product and can't find what I am looking for. Maybe I am spoiled by the folks at A2A? Thanks in advance, Sion
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    Best ATC to use with Prepar3d v3.3/v3.4

    Yes, sorry, Pilot Edge. Great service. Sion
  8. sionalford

    Best ATC to use with Prepar3d v3.3/v3.4

    Nailed it Basement...great experience and worth every dime. I had a real world pilot friend of mine at the house the other day and he was blown away watching me fly on the network with PE. I flew with him earlier that week in his real airplane and he was blown away that I had no fear of talking to real world controllers. Seeing me fly in PE showed him why. Good stuff! Sion
  9. Just checking to see if anyone is using AH2 in the PilotEdge region and if so, what is your opinion of it? Thanks, Sion
  10. I have an 4 core. HT is on. Thanks! Sion
  11. sionalford

    What should my AF setting be when using TrackIR

    Thanks Chris, I forgot to mention that I tried searching the forums but for some reason the search function was not working last night. I appreciate the help. Sion
  12. sionalford

    Been away from Flight sims for a few years

    Great to have you back! Great choice on the A2A 172. It is amazing and will not disappoint. Sion
  13. sionalford

    LatinVFR Airports

    I have KSNA and love it as I use it as my home airport when using Pilot Edge. Works great with FTX Global. Sion
  14. sionalford

    A2A 172

    No. You have to get the P3D version. Well worth it though. I would contact them directly via PM. They may have a crossgrade special that is not advertised. Sion
  15. Hello everyone. Posted this over on the LM site with no help. Thought I would try here. Before I explain, the system was running perfectly until I did a fresh install of OS (Win7) and P3Dv2.4. Here is what is happening: Software runs fine until I add OpusFSI. When I execute the Opus server during the p3d startup scenario screen, P3D locks up and crashes to desktop. It ONLY happens when I have “live cameras” option checked in OpusFSI config. So, apparently p3d does not like it when Opus tries to connect with p3d via simconnect. Couple of things to note: Opus is the FIRST add-on I installed after a clean installation. All default settings are used in p3d. If I launch into a flight (starting on runway or parking) and then start the Opus server, everything works fine. It only crashes when trying to do this while p3d is at the scenario screen. As long as I don’t activate the “live camera” option in the config menu of Opus everything works fine. I tried it without the supplied simconnect file from Opus. I tried it with the supplied simconnect file from Opus. I tried it with the supplied simconnect files from p3d. This all worked fine until a clean install. Any help would be appreciated. Sion
  16. sionalford

    Help with OpusFSI and P3Dv2.4

    Looking for the day when SimVibe will support P3D/FSX. They say it is coming. Check it out at It is ridiculous for sim racing. Sion
  17. sionalford

    Help with OpusFSI and P3Dv2.4

    Thanks everyone. I will give these a try and report back. Thanks. Sion
  18. sionalford

    Help with OpusFSI and P3Dv2.4

    I mainly need it for the buttkicker use. Live camera was great and wasn't planning on using EZDOK again but had to go back to it. Just don't have my buttkicker now. Miss the immersion. BTW, I don't use the weather from Opus at all. Sion Sorry Chas, I have no idea what you are asking :mellow: . Do you mean you are doing a fresh install to see if you can regenerate the issue? Thanks, Sion
  19. sionalford

    Help with OpusFSI and P3Dv2.4

    Yes, this is what I have learned. Steven over at the Opus forum has been actively engaged with me concerning this. BTW, their support is awesome and responsive. What bothers me is that it once worked on my system. Not until I got a new HD, did a fresh install of v2.4 did this problem arise. I understand that it may be a p3d problem, however, it did work at one time. My previous working version was an upgrade version from v2.3. Maybe that had something to do with it? I guess it is the old programmer in me...I just can't let it rest until I know why it doesn't work. Thanks, Sion Hey Chas, Same here until I did a fresh install. Had it in my exe.xml. That is the mystery. BTW, once flight is loaded I can run Opus and all works. Just a major hassle. Looks as though something in p3d gets hung. Error report shows app hanging on dxdiag. Sion
  20. What is the best way to fly live in P3Dv2? I am more interested in those services using General Aviation. Many thanks, Sion
  21. sionalford

    Best way to fly "Live" in P3Dv2?

    Yes, sorry, I meant ATC. Better yet, some flying clubs that fly mostly GA would be great. I have VATSIM but don't know if I am using it rights because I usually can't find live atc. Many thanks, I will look into Pilot Edge. Sion
  22. sionalford

    EZDOK help with P3D 2.1

    Hello all, Did a fresh install of 2.1 on a new Windows 7 install. Had an extra SSD and started with everything new. P3D works great but will not properly install EZDOK. I got FSUIPC to work, not problems. Here is how I installed: Opened Migrator. Updated Migrator. Started Migrator Installed EZDOK. Installed 1.6 Update. Installed 1.7 Update. Placed EZDOK.exe P3D beta version in EZDOK program folder as directed. When I run EZDOK Configurator, it can't find world views and doesn't update current P3D airplane.cfg files. When I run P3D, no EZDOK in add-ons window, just FSUIPC. I copied the portion of the exe.xml that contains the EZDOK from an install of FSX (on another drive) to the exe.xml in the roaming P3D folder as suggested on this forum: Thanks for your help. Sion
  23. sionalford

    EZDOK help with P3D 2.1

    Thank you Will. I will give this a try. Sion
  24. sionalford

    A2A C172 and Prepar3d 2.1 Question

    Great question. I would also like to know. Sion