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  1. Juan Guarin

    route planning

    Sky vector and actual airport charts for sids and stars. For the fuel the plane manual.
  2. Juan Guarin

    Weird event

    Sometimes when you move the heading selector, you can accidentally move the lover wheel, this controls the bank angle of the AP.
  3. Juan Guarin

    Black gauges

    It is because you don't have a successful product activation, this can be caused by multiple factors, including security settings that don't allow the installer to edit the system registry , there is where the PMDG activation is stored and PMDG's anti-piracy works by putting the gauges black, check that, then reinstall the plane from an admin account in windows.
  4. Juan Guarin

    Fuel problem

    I have sometimes this problems, just check all the waypoints, some times a waypoint was incorrect or misplaced by the FMC, what i do to check that is to place the nav display on plan , fully zoomed out and the in the FMC legs page i click on step to check for a logic flight plan, as i plan using sky-vector, i know how to route should look. The problem is that, if the fmc tells there is not enough fuel, the AP wont engage.
  5. Juan Guarin

    Nav data problem

    Hi, I had the same problem, it is solved very easily, just search for PMDG in http://www.navigraph.com/FmsDataDownload.aspx , you can buy and download the NAV data for just around five dollars, it installs in seconds, and as it is the latest data cycle, you may use up to date charts with it. It solved my FMC problems. Bye, Juan Guarin