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  1. yes i have been fsx from start but after trying xp11 never looked back uninstalled all fsx never go back xp11 what a breath of fresh air what a sim ,,,,,
  2. i have been with fsx from the early days when the graphics was very poor but have gone with them many years,, now with fsx steam add ones galore have upgraded computer intel i7 gt750 card etc etc and just purchased sim lab a320 what a plane anyway looking at aerofly compare with fsx when 1st started its well so far advanced and could go all the way they seem keen to listen to peaple share there thoughts and getting ideas to inprove this sim they are holding a gold mine if they invest the rewards would be so great,, i will purchase this areofly to show my support to the makers of this sim i hope they push it forward and add ones will soon follow ,,,,,,,,,, i have had xplane p3d fsx fsx is still my best one but now areofly will run on its own hard drive with room for expansion
  3. active sky 16 rex overdrive when i do flight programe flight into both when plane turns on final asn stops working fsx crashes if i run all but not programe flight into asn it does not crash how to solve prob fsx steam windows 7ult 64bt
  4. Hawker with GTN 750

    hi bert ,, please tell me how to get this garmin into my h850xp pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
  5. 757 open doors

    how to open doors l d 767 fsx steam windows 7 ult 64bit intel i7