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  1. chrigerb

    I Need 'Motivation' to Fly!

    Easiest way in my opinion is to use a random letter generator like this one You just let it give you two four letter words and then you check the corresponding airport ID in your flightsim. In my most recent case I got BGJN Ilulissat as a starting point, which is the third biggest town in greenland and Jonesville Mine, which is a private owned airfield in Alaska. So there might be pretty good reasons why one has to fly this specific route in RW and it all comes down to your choice of plane and flightplanning...
  2. chrigerb

    Any way to improve distance view?

    Thanks for your inputs. It seems I must have missed the whole LOD Discussion. Unfortunately, that seems to be an in-sim-limitation I cannot overcome by throwing hardware or tweaks at it, then. I assume that the point could be proven by setting LOD radius to a ridiculous high number within a photo scenery and end up with an instant OOM?
  3. Hello everybody Long time reader, first time poster. I have sort of a luxury problem but nevertheless it keeps bugging me so I wanted to see if someone can hint me in the right direction. I do mainly short to medium hops in the alps / mediterrean area with my majestic dash during ASN / REX weather and since I am doing great on the FPS-Side (35 - 50 FPS) and on the VAS-Side (never even got near the ping of death lately, eg. 1.5 GB of VAS to spare). This I do with photo tapestry underneath me from various sources (MSE, CH PRO X, France VFR) which gives me something nice to look at while at cruise level. So by looking forward the peaks of the alps look very blurry whereas the scenery underneath and behind me is very sharp. But giving the nature of my cockpit I tend to look forward and very seldom behind me. As I understand, P3D has some LOD-Limitations, at least v2.2 had, and I am not sure if it is still the case. But, and here is my question: Is there any way of improving the distance view with photreal terrain, may it be by upgrading the hardware or the software. I am trying to find the bottleneck here, if there is any and I am willing to throw a bit of money at it, to make it go away. But as stated, I still have FPS and VAS to spare and would give that in for some faster and more distant texture loading. On the Hardware-side-of-things, I run a smooth 4790K @ 4.5 Ghz, that spikes in the yellow from time to time, a GTX 770 with 4GB, that seems not very busy when monitored (40 to 50 %). I keep my P3D on a separate Samsung SSD and my photosceneries on an external USB 3.0 HDD. Any help would be appreciated. Chris
  4. chrigerb

    Must have add-ons for P3D 2.5?

    Does it work in P3D 2.5?? Thinking about buying it but was waiting for an updated version since their homepage states nothing specific on this...