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  1. Marcelo Pires

    PMDG Operations Center won't update my 737 to 1.20.8465

    Do I have the same issue ? Because also i am trying to update using operations center but won´t update. The same for 777 1.10.8448. I am using MS FSX.
  2. Marcelo Pires

    Belgium 2012 free photoscenery

    i think this is the last one: http://www.mediafire...tprhu8uyhy8h252
  3. Marcelo Pires

    Installing FSX and FSX:SE Updates

    Hello, i am just updating this topic to inform that after update the ASN to SP1B and now SP1C it is working very well. Was not necessary to do any additional act with NGX sp1d. Also, wasn't necessary to start ASN before the FSX. I never remember to start ASN first and allways i am starting FSX and then open ASN. Allways it worked fine. So, for me this problem is resolved. Thank you for a spectacular aicraft.
  4. Marcelo Pires

    Installing FSX and FSX:SE Updates

    I am changing ASN weather manually, including severe weather with CB clouds to test. At first time at the day, starting a computer and open FSX and ASN normally, the weather radar is working fine. I will do more tests tonight in order to update the forum with more informations. What i am very worried is why this process fnplicensingservice.exe is running. Is it suspicious? I found the folder where this file is installed. And into this folder i found a .XML file. I opened this file and i found some instructions and the words PMDG 737NGX and PMDG 777 are there. So, is this file part of PMDG 737NGX installation?
  5. Marcelo Pires

    Installing FSX and FSX:SE Updates

    Yes. I use ASN for at least one year and with ifly 737 and pmdg 777 and all working very well until this monday. On monday i changed my installation. I installed PMDG 737NGX and updated ASN to SP2B. Now i have this problem described. Where is the problem? I am trying to find it. I will start reinstalling PMDG 737NGX. And then Reinstalling ASN. What are your suggestion? thanks.
  6. Marcelo Pires

    Installing FSX and FSX:SE Updates

    I have FSX Acceleration.I bought PMDG 737NGX this week, so I have downloaded the installation with version SP1d. I already have installed PMDG 747 and 777, before installing NGX. I updated also ASN to SP2B. Now, I have problems. The weather radar is not working property. Sometime it work fine and other not. The same with 777 now. Just close and open FSX is enought to cause NGX weather radar to stop working. Also, now after closing FSX normally, it process isn't closing. The process stil continue running on Win 7 64bits. And i am finding the FNPLicensingService.exe running. It is new for me. I will folow the reinstall procedure on top and I will update the forum tonight. thanks.
  7. Marcelo Pires

    19JUL14 - SP1 Feedback Items we are monitoring...

    I just want to add a comment about frozen FSX with 777. Without any reason and only when using the PMDG 777, even with SP1 installed, the aircraft frozen the FSX. It was during cruise level and was worse then before. I was with ezdok Camera configuration opened, but not using configuring, just opened. Only this I've noticed different.. I was using internet normally (youtube, facebook, google chrome) before frozen. And this time it frozen and did not return. Before SP1, at least it was returning after 5 minutes or less. I wanna to emphasize it only happen with 777. I have others aircrafts, like PMDB 747, Majestic Dash 8 Q400, iFly 737NG and until now i never had this bad experience using those softares. I hope it help you to find the problem.
  8. Marcelo Pires

    Having a freeze issue with the T7

    ok. i will follow this other topic (SP1 ... monitoring). thks
  9. Marcelo Pires

    Having a freeze issue with the T7

    This is very frustrating. Without any reason, and only when using the PMDG 777, even with SP1 installed, the aircraft continues to freezing. This time it was worse thn before, because it is frozen for over 15 minutes and did not return yet. Before SP1, at least it was returning after 5 minutes or less. Now with SP1 seems worse.
  10. Marcelo Pires

    09JUN14 - PMDG 777 SP1 and 300ER updates

    maybe now i will fly with this wonderful aircraft . Because until now, after buy it, i only had bad experiences and for this reason i am doing only short range to avoid lost time and grow my disagree with this version. I understand all effort spent by PMDG and thank you for fix it, even after a long time. Let's check and i am offering my time to try and test this SP1.
  11. Marcelo Pires

    777 freezing

    Hi, I was reading all comments about T7 problems and i had the same negative experience. Has it been resolved? Because i am avoiding to use T7 for long haul flights. I am using only 747. I really wanna to use it, but, unfortunately, it is an untrusted software. I am filling upset with this situation.