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  1. DennisTrident

    Do I need to unregister PMDG 777 ?

    I have my PMDG 777 (777-200LR/F Base Package + 777-300ER Expansion Pack) installed on my current computer. If I upgrade my OS (Operating System) from Windows 7 32-bit to 64-bit and need to uninstall FSX until the completion of upgrade, do I need to unregister PMDG 777 in the FMC and register it again after the reinstall of FSX ?
  2. DennisTrident

    How to count FSX activation times ?

    So ... Should I make a phone call to the U.S. server for activation once the automated activation is failed ? The after-sales service of FSX has no longer been supported by Hong Kong server of Microsoft ...
  3. DennisTrident

    How to count FSX activation times ?

    Have you ever upgraded computer hardware over these years ? How many times have you upgraded your PC ?
  4. Here is my situation : I bought FSX Deluxe Version last year and activated it on my old computer. The product was activated successfully. Later due to the upgrade of the computer hardware, I uninstalled FSX from my old computer and installed it on my new computer, which is the current PC I'm using now. Now I intend to upgrade my PC from Windows 7 32-bit to Windows 7 64-bit due to the limitation of VAS and RAM usage on the 32-bit OS. I need to uninstall FSX again and install it back on my PC after the upgrade. In such a situation, will my FSX fail to be activated after the upgrade of Windows ? Anyone can tell me how to count FSX activation times ? Thanks a lot ! If I really cannot get any more activation chances after the upgrade, who should I seek help from? I'm from Hong Kong. The Microsoft Customer Service Center in Hong Kong no longer provides support after-sales service of FSX ...
  5. I've read the user guide of the EZdok Camera and installed FSX outside the program files (D:) . The EZdok Camera connects FSX successfully, but the shaky effects and other camera functions vanished in EVERY plane (included default airplanes). I've repaired the registry path of FSX. What happened to my camera software?
  6. DennisTrident

    CLS A340-300 air speed problem?

    Hi! I'm new to this forum. I hope I can share my flying experiences with you and fly with you together (of course in FSX) ! Recently, I've got a annoying problem about my CLS Airbus A340-300. I was flying a route from Hong Kong (VHHH) to Vancouver (CYVR) few days ago. After taking off, I engaged the AUTO-THROTTLE , AP1, FD and ALT switches. When the plane was climbing to the cruising altitude, I discovered a serious problem on the screen : the indicated air speed didn't match the true air speed! Here is the screenshot : The indicated air speed is about 440 knots, but the true air speed is only 264 knots! I've tried pressing Ctrl+X, X and B on the keyboard in order to calibrate the speed, but it didn't solve the problem... What happened to my aircraft? Thanks for your help! :mellow: