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  1. GA Traffic Low Res Textures

    Ok, thanks for the reply. I thought the "make ai" function in the aircraft tab created new low res textures from the installed default ones to make it more frame rate friendly. The program would then use these new textures with the default base model for use when generating ai traffic. Maybe I'm understanding this incorrectly but if this is the case then these new textures must be stored somewhere for use.
  2. Hi, Just installed GA Traffic 2 in order to create some low res GA AI planes. Selected C172 and it went through the process. I located the .air file in the GA Traffic install sub directory but cannot find the new low res textures anywhere. Does anybody know what directory GA Traffic 2 stores the newly created low res textures in? I don't want to use this as my AI generation program as I use AIFP to generate only select AI traffic legs and not hundreds of legs to kill frame rates. Any help would be appreciated, Thanks