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  1. Richard, The outer knob under NAV/BRG changes the MODE ( ILS2, ILS1, FMC ). Turn it right or left, and look at the mode. Hope it helps, MD
  2. Hey Richard, I find that the APPR mode will not engage until I 're-cycle' the autopilot..just a little thing that I can point out. Other than that, I am in the default PFD mode when approaching / landing, which is the labeled as the "ARC" mode. The frequency and course I tune in while in the air, somewhere near cruise nearing my calculated T/D. Other than that, "NAV" mode first then APPR once LOC is captured. Hope it somewhat helped, MD This might help as well...provided by FLIGHTTO
  3. Sounds great autogyro! Your work is highly regarded, especially for this 'un-finished' aircraft ^_^ . I appreciate it mate. MD
  4. @JRBarrett, thanks for your response. Glad I know what I'm doing . Open skies, MD
  5. Hey again, No TOD or TOC in this Hawker. Is it possibily time for some DC-9 influences of calculating this on our own? EX: FL310 --> FL150 | 16,000ft down....then 16*3 = 48nm So...start your descent 48nm out...round if needed, so 50nm. Next, what is your GS? For me...440. In that case, 440/2 *10 = 2,200fpm 50nm from the desired point. Any corrections? Am I flying this right haha? That's have I been doing it, works pretty fine...sad that there is not T/D calculation though! MD
  6. Hey pilots, Does anybody know about the "rudder bias" caution that illuminates after you start from a "cold and dark" state? Thanks, MD Here is a link to the image showing it in a little bit more detail... http://prntscr.com/72y8a0 Found it, for those of you wondering down the line...
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