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  1. Hello Alex, thank you for your answer. Perhaps my demands on you and the programmers on swift are to high, sorry. I don't want to annoy you! But I felt free to submit your answer to the swift forum ( https://discordapp.com/channels/539048679160676382/568904623151382546 ), perhaps it will push something. By the way, LNM is a great and free tool, so thank you very much for your effort and work! Andreas
  2. Good evening! I continued searching for the reason, why LNM does not show X-Plane-Multiplayer from the local connection. Communities like VATSIM have a whazzup-file to locate the other planes, but they only allow a reading frequency of 2 minutes. This is to long for monitoring co-flyers in visual flights (for example). Some weeks ago I asked Alex for the reason and he told me, that every plane, which is shown on the X-Plane-Map is also shown in LNM (and that's definitely right!). I am using swift for multiplaying and multiplayers are not shown in X-Plane-map (they freeze, when swift starts). It's a pity, that momentary swift DOES NOT POPULATE datarefs in X-Plane (I asked Mat Sutcliffe), so any user, who wants to see his colleagues flying nearby in realtime will be disappointed. Continuous populating of datarefs by swift in X-Plane obviously causes occasional crashes... Is there any other chance?
  3. I have a question relating to some lines above, DATA REFs in XPLane: LNM is reading the mentioned data refs. Does that mean, that all these data refs have to be activated in XPlane-menu Data Output/ Dataref ? And if so, which IP-Adress and Port should i use? I am flying with a private server (fsd) without whazzup-file. The connection is made with swift. 3 AI-Planes are activated. In active session i can see my Co-Flyers in the XPlane-View. Th XPlane-Map shows 3 "freezed AI" also does LNM for a while. After 2-3 Minutes the AI disappear in LNM, no Co-Flyer from the swift-connection is shown. I am searching so long to solve that problem, no success. LNM does not show my Co-Flyers.
  4. Hi folks, For me Little Navmap is a very useful and easy program and i wanted to combine it with FSCLOUD using XPlane. In my XPlane view I can see the other aircraft from FSCLOUD, but Little Navmap doesnt show them. What am I doing wrong? I did all steps as the Installation guide said. VC is installed (64 and 32). I am using win10.
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