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  1. Hi all, I need below files (I mean the content) for P3Dv4.5 in order to use 2 PCs. I have them already for FSX but as far as I heard , P3Dv4.5 needs other ones/content to operate. I'd appreciate if you can share these files * Simconnect.xml * Simconnect.cfg * Simconnect.ini Thanks in advance, Br, Hakan
  2. Olmba hi, Hope you are doing well. I'm not sure if is that too much to ask but would you be so kind to share all your "Simconnect.cfg / ini files as well. Moreover it would be great if you can explain to where we need to place these files.. Many thanks in advance, Cheers, Hakan
  3. Hi everyone, I am using the CP in stable mode. The problem is , when I first jump in to the VC I can push or turn every knob. However once I change the view (i.e. radio stack) and come back to Captain view I cannot touch any button nor knob. I already tried to change my viewpoint by zoom+, zoom- or laterally but no solution. Is there anybody facing the same problem? Any help would be highly appreciated. Thanks in advance , Hakan
  4. @downscc Dan- hi again. Could you please share your all graphics settings so that İ can apply them to my set up and hopefully get a better image quality / clarity. Thanks in advance Hakan
  5. Hi Dan, yes, what you see in the pics is correct. However I recently changed my GTX 780 with GTX 1080 and currently GTX 1080 is on board. Regarding to my settings, both monitor & P3Dv3 resolution is set to 3.840 x 2.160 Thanks, Hakan
  6. Hello all, Thank each of you for the recommendations. I applied each and every of them and it seems they improved, however, ony a little bit. There is still a huge difference in VC apperance especially in 738NGX vs FSX. On the other hand it is hard to believe that you cannot get the clarity or visual quality with a 4K monitor , run by MSI GTX 1080 Graphics card. May be one day ( hopefully P3Dv4) will use Dx12, Dx15 whatever it is and we get high quality visuals. Cheers, Hakan
  7. Hi all, @ryanbatcund - on the left hand side you see the 2D panel while on the right hand side it is the Virtual Cockpit visual. @Bean_speout - I've disabled HDR lighting. It made an improvement but this time the VC requires some additional lighting (backlighting, panel lighting, etc) even in daytime. (i.e. 11.00a.m.) I really cannot understand why do I need to sacrifice some of the specs (good ones) while upgrading the systems. (P3D from FSX, Dx11 from Dx9,etc). As can be seen from the picture the difference is HUGE! Even you forget the 2D panel visual, the VC appearance is on the ground level. I am sure it is not a common stuff otherwise I don't think that you guys have a motivation to fly with P3D. Anyway - I will continue to search and hopefully find a descent solution. Will keep you posted. Best, Hakan
  8. Hi BS, i am currently formatting my PC for a clean install. Will let you know once İ finished. Thanks, Hakan
  9. Hi Nyxx, Yes you are right , I used "Shift + 6" in order to be able to show you the difference. (like night and day). Of course I did not get this image from FSX since I did not guess I would encounter such kind of an issue in P3D. But believe me the difference is "almost" like thisI. IApart from this, t is bad/sad to learn that D11 has sacrified AA vs D9. Anyway, the doc by Rob seems fantastic. Thank you to let me know. Hakan.
  10. Hi all, I recently switched to P3D from FSX. However I have a considerable issue with the quality of PMDG virtual cockpit in P3D compared to FSX. I am using a 4K monitor (3.840 x 2.160). Below I tried to give an example what I mean with a picture. In FSX the appearance of VC was crystal clear, much much more sharper and with no blurriness. But in P3D the appearance looks like as if I run an on board Graphic Cards. Any help will be highly appreciated. Thanks in advance, Hakan
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