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  1. I just bought the gigabyte 970 mini. And I can say what an improvement over my 560Ti. On my i2500k at 4.6 and with my 970 I can get 20 fps in New York with 100 percent traffic and smooth. What an improvement.
  2. What kind of processor do you have?
  3. Definitely follow his guide. Make your appropriate changes to fsx.cfg and nvidia inspector. Follow whatever else it says
  4. As the title says. I'm looking to pick one up. NCIX has them for $319 until dec 31. I have a midsized case and I run an I5 2500K running at 4.6GHZ. It looks like this little card limits overclocking as it probably can't handle the heat. Video card overclocking isn't something I couldn't care about anyway. especially for FSX. Does this card run the same as any other GTX 970? Or am I better off going after an ASUS strix or the G1? If it runs the same as any other 970, why spend the extra 100. plus it uses less power. Any input would be great because i'm looking to purchase before the 31st. thank you
  5. Are you referring to the small menus within fsx?
  6. Yup. I just don't understand how people can run for example aerosoft new york x and an airport scenery with it. I think I was lucky to get 6 fps. I think a person has to pretty much turn off all traffic. All I get is OOM. It's just too much
  7. I only get OOM at new york airports or busy high scenery airports such as london. But even then I still get get good frames. But I guess it doesn't help using 100 percent traffic lol. I'm sure if I attempt pmdg I'll have to turn sliders down to prevent further OOM. No fix for that until we see a 64 bit simulator.
  8. You're doing fine answering. Ideally I'd like to test a 970 in my system just to see but it's not possible. I fly freeware aircraft. Mostly POSKY. Favourite would have to be the A320. When I have more time maybe I'll learn an advanced payware 737. I like 737's. And westjet's fleet mostly consists of 737. One more question. Are you using "usepools=0"?? As you probably know it puts the load on the video card. I tried it with my 560 ti and made no difference
  9. Sorry for all the questions. Since my build is very close to yours I'm trying to find out if a video card upgrade is worth it overall. I only run fsx. P3D isn't an option for me at the moment. Is it possible for you to test the autogen and texture loading in fsx? I'm curious what the results are.
  10. Interesting. You might have to change your time and season to enjoy Norway lol. What about autogen and texture loading? Did that improve?
  11. Smoothness is definitely a good thing. How is it visually? Any improvements?
  12. Yes I've gone through the guide. I really don't get why I get better performance on unlimited frames. I've wondered if my video card bottlenecks my oc i5 2500k at 4.6. This is why I'm curious what gains I would get from a 970. Smoother and better looking game? I get bad studders at any new york airports. I can get 20 frames at o'hare studder free. Will I notice a bit difference upgrading to a 970? Very curious what the OP gets as his build is similar to mine
  13. I noticed you locked your fps. I've tried that with half refresh rate and my frames were terrible. So I "forced on" my refresh rate and run on unlimited and seems to work much better. Which doesn't makes sense to me because everyone posts that running it locked at 30 works best. And yes I have a 60hz moniter
  14. Is your i7 2700k overclocked? How many frames did you get when you upgraded from your 6970?
  15. Did you notice any difference by going to a 970? I have an i5 2500k OC to 4.6 and I'm considering going to a 970 from a 560 ti. My frames are decent as it is right now. 12-20 at busy airports. 30 plus anywhere else. just curious of what gains I would get from a video card upgrade