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  1. Hi, I would build a motorized Vertical Trim for my C172 home cockpit, can you tell me, please, wich motor I must use? A servo, stepper or DC motor (can you tell me wich model I must use)? Can you help me with the step by step for the construction?Thanks and ciao
  2. Pietrogramma

    New sit for GA home cockpit

    The site simmax.it have pubblished new products for cessna c172 and for B58. I have read a review of some products and the valutation is very positive, 4+stars on 5 five stars (here the review: http://www.raysaviation.mono.net/upl/16568/ReviewSimMax.itTPMandGearLever.pdf). I will buy the starter and the flap mechanism and the b58 switch panel Bye bye
  3. Pietrogramma

    New sit for GA home cockpit

    Hi everybody, I'm building a Beechcraft B58's home cockpit and I found a new interessant site that sell material for Cessna C172 and for B58. The site sell the projects tables for cut with a laser or cnc and some hardware, like the gear for B58 or the throttle for GA. The site is SimMax.it I hope this can help you, for your home cockpit. Ciao
  4. Finally I have resolved the problem with these dataref: 8L 0 sim/flightmodel/weight/m_fuel 1 0 20 9L 0 sim/flightmodel/weight/m_fuel 2 0 20 Now when the fuel in the tanks (left or right) goes below 40, the led connected with arduino (in the digital PIN 8 and 9) and with ArdsimX, turn on. Tanks Murmur, and have a nice day
  5. The problem of the x-plane.org forum's is that the does not make me write new posts, it is as if the addition of new post is blocked, i don't know why this happens
  6. Yes Murmur you has understand perfectly, I would make that you say but for me it's impossible. Yesterday I downloaded the free C172SP-WIDE PANEL PROJECT – Fuel Injected and it has the real annunciator panel with the warning for "left tank low fuel" and for "left tank low fuel" but I doesn't found the dataref. I used the dataref editor but don't found the relative dataref Si Murmur hai perfettamente capito quelli vorrebbero essere le mie intenzioni ma, come hai detto tu, non penso sia fattibile con il C172 di default. Ieri ho scaricato un aereo free (il C172SP-WIDE PANEL PROJECT) che ha l'annunciator reale con, fra le altre cose, la spie per la riserva della tanica di destra ed una per quella di sinistra. Ho cercato con dataref editor di capire quali fossero i dataref ma non sono riuscito a cavare un ragno dal buco
  7. Grazie Murmur, ho provato ad utilizzare i dataref 6L 0 sim/cockpit2/fuel/fuel_quantity[0] 0 5 5L 0 sim/cockpit2/fuel/fuel_quantity[1] 0 5 ma purtroppo non vanno; se porto a zero uno dei due serbatoi nell'arduino non mi si accende il led che dovrebbe segnalare la riserva, hai qualche suggerimento? __________ENGLISH Thanks Murmur I tried to use these dataref: 6L 0 sim/cockpit2/fuel/fuel_quantity[0] 0 5 5L 0 sim/cockpit2/fuel/fuel_quantity[1] 0 5 but when I set the fuel quantity of the left or rightto zero in the arduino don't turn on the led for the reserve fuel quantity, have you a suggestion for me? Thanks and bye
  8. thanks for your reply, I'm Italian and I do not speak English well, you can explain better this words "It's a floating point array [9], where each index is one tank.". Thanks and bye
  9. Hi everybody, I'm building a home cockpit for the C172 and for connect the cockpit with X-Plane 10 I would use the ArdSimx Plugin. Now I'm building the exact annunciator panel (and not the wrong annunciator panel's of the default's cessna C172 of X-plane10) and i'm searching the dataref for the fuel quantity of the right and left tanks for turn-on the led when the fuel is low level. I found the low fuel dataref but non for every tanks but for the general low fuel indicator. I hope you understand my bad english. Thanks and ciao
  10. Hi everybody, My project to build the cockpit of the Cessna 172 goes on and, after programming the Arduino Mega cards one for buttons and switches, one for the throttles and one for the knobs for the instruments, I am going to build the annunciator panel. Inspired by an idea other member I will build, with the printer 3d, the frame where to insert the LEDS but I dont know how I will make the decals with the writing, you have any idea for me? How and where I must print the written (normal paper, transparent sheets or other? ) Hello and thanks
  11. Hi, I would like make a home cockpit of the Bonanza F33A, to use it with X-Plane10 and Carenado Bonanza F33A. For this project I would use a touch screen with Air Manager, for basic instrumentals and engine's instrumentals, and the saiteck's Yoke, Pedal, Multi, Radio, Switch, Quadrant and Trim. My idea is to build the structure of the cockpit with a wood's panel, with a hole, where I will put the touchscreen, and on the right side of the monitor I will screw the Saitek radio Panel, the Saitek Multi Panel, in the bottom on the right side I will put the Trim, the Trhtottle, and the quadrant and under the left side of the monitor I will put the Saitek Switch Panel and finally, under the center of the monitor I will put the Yoke. I attach a schematic of my project: [/url]Cockpit by Massimiliano Napoli, su Flickr"> For realization of the ciockpit I need to know the measurements where are posiztionated the instruments of the real cockpit, for a best reproduction of the cabin. Can someone tell me the realy measures or suggest me a site where I can find the schematics of the Bonanza F33A cabin (the best would be to find the blueprint of the cockpit). Thanks and bye bye PS sorry for my bad english, I’m Italian
  12. Pietrogramma

    Instrument Panel blue print

    For the Baron B58 you can try here: http://b58.svglobe.com/. Bye Bye
  13. Hi everybody, i would like use the Panel Builder with X-Plane 10 and my Carenado Bonanza F33A. In particoular I would use Panel Builder with a touch screen monitor, so I can adjust the instrument directly from the mopnitor. I have downloaded the demo version of the soft and I have noticed that there isn't some Bonanza's gauges, There is the possibility to create them or download them for free on the net? Thanks and bye
  14. Hallo, I'm searching for Italy's photoreal scenery free for my VFR flight, but I foundo only photoscenery of the aeroportual areas and not of the whole Italian territory. I found this link (http://www.freewarescenery.com/fsx/italy.html) but many photoscenery are obsolete. Are there free recent scenarios of the Italian territory (not only airports)? Thank you and hello
  15. Hallo, I use the Trackir5 with P3d ver. 2.5 and I found it fantastic. If the default profile of the point of view is perfectly, for some airplane it is wrong. For my VFR flight I use the Alabeo's C207 and Trackir is wonderfull for look around the cockpit but when I see in front, the dashboard is too high and I don't see the horizon or the taxiways etc. I must lift the body on the chair but this is very unconfortable. There is a way for change the point of view so I can lift the view over the dashboard and allow me see over the dashboard the horizon the taxiways etc.? Thanks and bye-bye PS sorry my bad english :-)