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  1. flythebigjets

    No control with TFDI717

    Hello Keven, All is working again with the original post on this thread. Thank you for your fantastic fast customer support as always!
  2. flythebigjets

    Exterior Views

    Sorry, Keven, That update did not work. I'm calling it a night.
  3. flythebigjets

    Exterior Views

    Hello Keven, Did a complete computer restart, and I'm afraid that did not work on my rig. Xbox controller does not on outside view but works inside. When I switch to a Static camera it sticks me in mountains near KIDA.
  4. flythebigjets

    Exterior Views

    Ditto MattS. Tried the same things you did. I also checked to see if there were any updates for PMDG 737, that's the plane I'm trying to use and have the same issues you're having.
  5. After doing a computer restart the issue seems to have resolved itself.
  6. Chase Plane button keys working fine, X-box controller is not working. Tried an uninstall through VFX Central with a reinstall with no luck. Looks like my original settings were kept, so for the heck of it I tried to change them and X-box controller is not recognized, I tried changing the key settings and those worked fine. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  7. flythebigjets

    CP down "Connection closed"

    I've been rifling through the forum and on their facebook page to see if there's going to be a solution to the problem anytime soon. Looks like they're either working on it or not. How's that for an update? Still love the product though, just not the mishaps due to the internet connection.
  8. flythebigjets

    xbox controller issue in p3dv3

    Oddly after doing an uninstall -reinstall - when I have ChasePlane on top (not minimized) it works as it should. When it's minimized it does not work... same as el_gargantuan above.
  9. flythebigjets

    xbox controller issue in p3dv3

    I'm having a similar issue with FSX (not Steam version). Keyboard assignments work, Xbox assignments do not. Should have posted this in another topic. Sorry Keven.
  10. I also have this issue. Is there any way to set it? I thought it was a fantastic idea and made updating the camera settings simple and fast. Just figured it out. You have to enable it: PREFERENCES CAMERA TAB MOUSE CONTROLS - Enable "MB VIEW SELECTOR (HOLD STEADY)
  11. flythebigjets

    Your servers Down Sunday Morning?

    It's amazing to me how everyone has praised this program up and down and the second something goes wrong (like it or not it is in Alpha) so many are ready to abandon ship (or aircraft in this case), I too get mainly the weekends to fly, but I'm not that petty to kick and scream and say I'm going back to EZCA.
  12. flythebigjets

    ChasePlane/VFXCentral Down

    Hey, I goofed. $%#& happens.
  13. Just checking to see if any one else is having a problem connecting to anything FSFX Packages - ChasePlane, VFXCentral, even their website. Sorry in advance if I missed a post stating this was going to happen.
  14. flythebigjets

    Xbox Controller Calibration issue

    I believe I should have worded this as a "assignment to the Xbox controller" not so much a calibration.
  15. I'm using FSX (not Steam version), and an Xbox One Fusion PowerA controller. Left Stick: Trying to Tilt Up/Tilt Down & Pan Left - Pan Right - settings show correctly in the Preference panel but it does not work. I tried the settings with the Right Stick with the same outcome. I'm using the ChasePlane 1.571 build, Windows 10.