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  1. Forget about the knob....think about this: http://www.cockpitphd.com/stattachments.html lol :wink:
  2. Saitek Throttle is not that realistic actually, unless you are adding the throttle handle attachments http://www.cockpitphd.com/stattachments.html
  3. I think there are some throttles are available in the market: http://www.cockpitphd.com/saitek/pz45.html Not much, I guess
  4. Saitek Throttle Handles: www.cockpitphd.com They are selling the Boeing type and Airbus type. Per my research, their prices are the cheapest with free worldwide shipping.
  5. Do you think the price is reasonable? http://www.ebay.com/itm/Saitek-Pro-Flight-Three-Lever-Throttle-Quadrant-PZ45-/201521677929?hash=item2eeba0c669:g:migAAOSwx-9WvHMG
  6. Hi guys, while the SDK for the PMDG777 is released, I wonder if the version 1.0 will be released sooner or later please? Thanks a lot.
  7. Big thanks to guenseli and Andy for your solutions. Problem solved. Thanks x 20000
  8. Thanks for your quick reply, guenseli. I tried to use the original PMDG virtual radio panel on the aircraft but unfortunately I am not able to tune it too . I guess the COM part of the VRInsight is still affecting the system. Since I am playing in VATSIM, so the radio is kind of essential, any idea how I can disable the COM part completely? By the way, I think the Transponder on the COM is working.. Or I am wrong?! Further to that, do you mean that I need to wait for the driver from VRInsight after PMDG release the SDK so that I can make the COM part in function? May be I can get the Saitek Radio panel as the template solution? Sorry for so many questions and I hope you can assist. Thanks X 10000!
  9. Hi there, first of all..thanks for your hardwork to get this module for us. This works perfectly for most of the functions. Great job. I do have a question, however, about the COM part of the VRInsight MCP with LINDA on PMDG 777. Whenever I try to switch from standby frequency to current, it keeps jumping back to the frequency 136.97. For example when I put 122.80 on standby and press <->, it brings me back to 136.97. Therefore I cannot change the com frequency. I tried to reset the buttons but in vain. Can anyone give me a bit education on that please? Many thanks!
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