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  1. Wanna to get this boarding pass keychain for free? 1. LIKE our facebook page (www.facebook.com/cathaydragonvirtual) 2. Register as a pilot at www.cathaydragonvirtual.com 3. Make your first regular flight and file the pirep (Long haul or short? Your choice ~) Join us and fly together TODAY!
  2. Forget about the knob....think about this: http://www.cockpitphd.com/stattachments.html lol :wink:
  3. Saitek Throttle is not that realistic actually, unless you are adding the throttle handle attachments http://www.cockpitphd.com/stattachments.html
  4. Anyone who purchased any of these? http://www.cockpitphd.com/stattachments/absethandle.html http://www.cockpitphd.com/stattachments/sethandle5.html http://www.cockpitphd.com/stattachments/cpqb.html http://www.cockpitphd.com/stattachments/bsdhandle.html Are they good?
  5. I think there are some throttles are available in the market: http://www.cockpitphd.com/saitek/pz45.html Not much, I guess
  6. Saitek Throttle Handles: www.cockpitphd.com They are selling the Boeing type and Airbus type. Per my research, their prices are the cheapest with free worldwide shipping.
  7. I just saw that in facebook - no charge...XD https://www.facebook...pitphd/?fref=ts
  8. I just saw that. Deadline Feb 28, 2016 https://www.facebook.com/cockpitphd
  9. Hi there, I saw the similar items at www.cockpitphd.com This is obviously cheaper with FREE worldwide shipping.
  10. Do you think the price is reasonable? http://www.ebay.com/itm/Saitek-Pro-Flight-Three-Lever-Throttle-Quadrant-PZ45-/201521677929?hash=item2eeba0c669:g:migAAOSwx-9WvHMG
  11. I just saw that in facebook https://www.facebook.com/cockpitphd/?fref=ts
  12. May be knob control? Any idea how to set this up please. Thanks
  13. Hi there, No. Because right now I am using build-in Checklist in the Aerosoft Airbus. Everytime when the FO lady says "Radio Control Panel", I need to scroll my mouse to switch it on. I try to find this in LINDA key definition but in vain. Therefore, I am trying to find a way to key map this Radio On-Off button with my joystick (or any key on the keyboard). Thanks
  14. Hi guy, Since I have 4 spare turn buttons on my panel, I would like to set those up for Aerosoft Airbus ND / PFD / ECAM 1 / ECAM 2 brightness switches. How can I possibly do that? May be this is related to “axis” setting? Many thanks for your advices in advance.
  15. Hi guy, I need your help on this (thanks in advance). As I am using a joystick now and would like to set the key for the Radio Control Panel Switch. I have been gone through the LINDA Aerosoft Airbus module but I couldn't find that. Can you please advise where is it? Thanks
  16. Hi guys, while the SDK for the PMDG777 is released, I wonder if the version 1.0 will be released sooner or later please? Thanks a lot.
  17. Big thanks to guenseli and Andy for your solutions. Problem solved. Thanks x 20000
  18. Thanks for your quick reply, guenseli. I tried to use the original PMDG virtual radio panel on the aircraft but unfortunately I am not able to tune it too . I guess the COM part of the VRInsight is still affecting the system. Since I am playing in VATSIM, so the radio is kind of essential, any idea how I can disable the COM part completely? By the way, I think the Transponder on the COM is working.. Or I am wrong?! Further to that, do you mean that I need to wait for the driver from VRInsight after PMDG release the SDK so that I can make the COM part in function? May be I can get the Saitek Radio panel as the template solution? Sorry for so many questions and I hope you can assist. Thanks X 10000!
  19. Hi there, first of all..thanks for your hardwork to get this module for us. This works perfectly for most of the functions. Great job. I do have a question, however, about the COM part of the VRInsight MCP with LINDA on PMDG 777. Whenever I try to switch from standby frequency to current, it keeps jumping back to the frequency 136.97. For example when I put 122.80 on standby and press <->, it brings me back to 136.97. Therefore I cannot change the com frequency. I tried to reset the buttons but in vain. Can anyone give me a bit education on that please? Many thanks!
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