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  1. tomwer0501

    PMDG 777 Freigther and Linda issue (strange)

    Hello Thomas, unfortunately I am very sure that my post will not help you anyway - but your problem seems to be very similar to mine. As you just described before the MCP2 Displays are updated with informations coming from the T7 but I can also not do some inputs from the MCP to the T7... The only difference between your problem and my problem is that in my case it didn't work before with the T7...The PMDG 737 NGX works excellent with Linda and the MCP2 in my case, this is also the reason why I dindn't try any reinstall up to now... It would be great if you could give me any information if you could solve the problem in between or in the future - I will also do the same... Greeting Thomas
  2. Hello all together, hoping for not boring you with a question for MCP2 Combo and the usage of this together with PMDG 777 I would like to ask you for the following Topic: The MCP 2 Combo (Boeing Type) works fine in my configuration (FSX) together with LINDA and the PMDG 737 NGX. After "googling" and searching for possibilities to use this Hardware with the 777 I have tried all the tips in the several Forums. But nevertheless it doesn't work at all. Is there anybody who uses the MCP 2 Combo in combination with FSX / PMDG 777 / LINDA with the 777 module 0.5 in a proper way? If yes it would be very helpful for me to see the content of your fsx modules Folder and the places where the parts of the 0.5 module have to be copied to. I have tried a lot of combinations of storage Folders, but it doesn't work at all. Thanks again for any help to solve this problem...
  3. OK, so I will try it...Thank you very much for your fast answer...
  4. Hello all together, I am a new user of the MCP Combo II (Boeing type). With the assembling of the key-caps I made a fault - I simply did not see that one of the keys was assembled by myself in a wrong direction. So one of the keys is turned to the left and I want to correct this direction of course. What is your experience about re-assembling of keys on the MCP? Is it simply possible to pull out the key or will this cause a defect of the key? Thanks a lot if anyone can give me an Information about his experience about this (I hop simple) topic... Thomas