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  1. The reply I got from GSX support is that it is normal. However, there tone of reply makes allot to be said for their customer service. I still await a reply as to why it has never shown before.
  2. Jim I don't recall turning anything off or on, but I'll check out the settings you mention. As I've said above I have never seen this banner message before in all the time I have been flying, so a far as I'm concerned it is not a normal function.
  3. Thanks both. It's never been a problem up until recently. The banner shows no matter how many times I go to the airport/s after starting FSX. I'll have a look on the FSDreamTeam web site later.
  4. FSX Gold Edition I have started getting a green 'Airport Cache Loaded' banner showing for a few seconds each time I start FSX and load a saved flight. Any ideas why this is happening anyone please.
  5. 1redbarron

    Backing up FSX installation to discs

    Thanks everyone.
  6. 1redbarron

    ILS landing issues.

    Gran Canaria ILS settings. Runway 21R - 110.70 Mhz Runway 03L - 109.90 Mhz ___________________________________________ Lining up with the runway for an ILS approach flying the default FSX 737-800 Assuming you have your radios set up correctly and your current heading is correct. You will also already know which angle you need to approach the runway (left or right) when you carried out your flight plan. A rough guide Nearing the airport, about 25miles out and depending if you are approaching left or right, add or subtract 30 degrees on your heading gauge. As soon as you hear the radio start bleeping flick the NAV switch and then press the Heading button. The aircraft will then turn onto the set heading. You can then control the heading manually. I am normally heading for an altitude of 2500-3000ft (default 737-800). You can turn the radio nav1 button off if you don't want to go mad with the constant bleeping, it will still work. As you make your manual heading turns towards the runway and around 10-12 miles out hit the APP button. When the aircraft has almost gone past the turn for approach it will pick up the ILS, take control and turn you towards the runway, the heading light will then go out. At 2500-3000ft (depending what you set) and around 7-9 miles out the aircraft will pick up the glide slope and start descending you towards the runway.
  7. Windows 7 64-bit Microsoft FSX Gold Edition I have copied and pasted my FSX folder on to my 2nd larger hard drive, so yes, I do have a back up copy of my full installation of FSX. But should the unthinkable happen and my whole system packs up/blows up/catches fire or whatever, I am thinking of also backing up to discs. But........... ............How do I back up my installed FSX installation to discs please. The total size is 22.2GB and will require 5 discs. I use Nero 11 for normal backing up but have never done anything on this scale before. At the moment when trying to back FSX I get told there isn't enough space on the disc, obviously. What I was hoping would happen is the software would save to a disc and then when that one was full request another disc, and so on until the back up is completed to all discs. But I haven't worked out how, or even if I can do that with this software. Any help/advice appreciated. Thank you
  8. FIXED I had read today about the problem related to the Effects folder after I done a search via the Avsim library. I did try reinstalling a full copy of FSX onto my other larger drive so I could copy the effects folder over to my original FSX setup but it wouldn't have it. In the end I ran the FSX 'Repair' procedure which worked and fixed the problem. I had already backed up my default 737 and 747 aircraft folders which had all my texture add-ons, so I just replaced the originals with these and all were back up and running. Saved allot of faffing about reloading them one by one. My add-on scenery and other add-ons such as ASN and GSX all stayed installed as well which was a bonus. So far all is well (fingers crossed). A full back is on the cards just as soon as I get enough discs.
  9. Hi Chris and thanks for your prompt reply. Funny you mention about Windows 10. This may well have been when my problems with the lighting also started as I too upgraded (free) to Windows 10 very recently but rolled back to Windows 7 as I was having aircraft graphic issues in Windows 10, plus I couldn't get on with10 and didn't find it particularly user friendly compared to 7. I have checked the DX10 preview in FSX (Win 7) and restarted FSX, still the same. Unchecked and re-started FSX, still no change. I know It's only a couple of lights that aren't working, but it will bug me knowing everything isn't as it should be. And as much as I don't want to carry out a repair or fresh install (so time consuming) it is looking more likely unless some kind boffin can come up with the magic fix. Cheers Stephen
  10. FSX Gold Edition. The strobe and anti-collision lights have stopped working on all the default aircraft. Well I say stopped working, that’s not entirely true. The strobe light sometimes shows working until I pan round to the tail end of the aircraft when it then stops. The anti collision lights do show working but from under each engine as more of a glow and not from the beacons. I cannot say exactly when they stopped working but it is very recently. Weird. I have checked the ‘pilot controls the lights’ in settings, which is checked. I really am hoping for a fix for this from somewhere before I have to carry out the dreaded repair/reinstall. Thanks for any help you can offer. These are my FSX light settings from the two default aircraft I always use Default 737-800 [LIGHTS] //Types: 1=beacon, 2=strobe, 3=navigation, 4=cockpit, 5=landing light.0 = 3, -24.20, -56.60, 3.90, fx_navredm , light.1 = 3, -24.20, 56.60, 3.90, fx_navgrem , light.2 = 2, -71.32, 0.00, 5.92, fx_strobeh , light.3 = 2, -25.00, -57.20, 4.20, fx_strobe , light.4 = 2, -25.00, 57.20, 4.20, fx_strobe , light.5 = 2, -7.55, 0.00, -5.50, fx_beaconb , light.6 = 1, 2.00, 0.00, 8.70, fx_beaconh , //light.7 = 4, 47.60, 0.00, 3.00, fx_vclighth , light.8 = 3, -29.50, -56.60, 3.70, fx_navwhih , light.9 = 3, -29.50, 56.60, 3.70, fx_navwhih , Default 747-400 [LIGHTS] //Types: 1=beacon, 2=strobe, 3=navigation, 4=cockpit, 5=landing light.1 = 3, -223.85, 0.00, 8.85, fx_navwhih , light.2 = 2, -228.97, 0.00, 44.62, fx_strobeh , light.3 = 1, -45.05, 0.00, 15.65, fx_beaconh , light.4 = 1, -80.22, 0.00, -11.05, fx_beaconb , light.5 = 4, -18.24, 0.00, 11.19, fx_vclighth, ______________________________________________________________________ My System Spec Windows 7 Home 64bit - 128GB Crucial M4 SSD - 2TB Master Hard Drive Intel Core i7 4+4 Core 2600K 3.4Ghz 8MB L3 CACHE - ThermalTake Contac29 Cooler 16GB DDR3 2133Mhz Patriot Viper V3 Red Performance/Gaming RAM AMD Radeon HD 7850 2GB PCI-E 3.0 Ready Graphics - GSX - FS Cabin Crew - ASN SP3
  11. 1redbarron

    Windows 10 THIS MONTH! Questions for FSX

    Thanks for the reply linux731 Yes I do use a program to set ant aliasing settings. I have checked the settings in AMD Catalyst Control Centre and can see they are all still there. I would upload an image but cannot work out how.
  12. 1redbarron

    Windows 10 THIS MONTH! Questions for FSX

    I upgraded to the free version of Window 10 yesterday and the only thing that I noticed different with FSX Gold addition is I am now getting jagged textures. Can anyone help fix this please. My system spec. Windows 10 64bit - 128GB Crucial M4 SSD - 2TB Master Hard Drive Intel Core i7 4+4 Core 2600K 3.4Ghz 8MB L3 CACHE - ThermalTake Contac29 Cooler 16GB DDR3 2133Mhz Patriot Viper V3 Red Performance/Gaming RAM AMD Radeon HD 7850 2GB PCI-E 3.0 Ready Graphics - GSX - FS Cabin Crew - ASN SP3 ​
  13. 1redbarron

    Panning outside view sluggish

    You're welcome. Hopefully it will help someone else out some time.
  14. 1redbarron

    Panning outside view sluggish

    I finally worked out where the problem lied. So simple, and could have saved me allot of hassle with a full reinstall of FSX. All it was, in FSX settings/control/ button keys the view (pan) slider was only set half way instead of fully to the right. I could kick myself. Oh well, you live and learn.