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  1. Flight Deck Access System Test

    I agree it would be useless to simulate the cockpit door. There is no point in investing ressources into that. However, what I find wrong is to argue with security. I am studying aviation engineering, there are thousands of photographs of airplanes and videos in the internet, and then once a flight attendant told not to make pictures of the equipment due to security reasons. A picture of an overhead bin is a security concern? Come on! I don't have to study this subject for years for a flight attendant to tell me i shouldn't make a picture of the cabin. Door mechanisms are a more sensible topic of course. But even those are not a secret. We shouldn't make such a fuss about it. Airplanes have cockpit doors which can be locked. Wow, who ever thought that? But you have your reasons, no need to discuss that.
  2. Flight Deck Access System Test

    Did you read the Germanwings preliminary Report? The access system is described there in detail. The Report is avilable for the public. Also, there are several Youtube videos explaining the mechanism. This is really no secret anymore.
  3. ADF Dip

    Hi Is this the error caused by banking the Aircraft? If the Aircraft banks, the antenna is tilted and thus resulting in a shift phase of the received signal. In the Case of the VOR this causes an Azimuth Error which is corrected by a Vertical Polarizer. If my guess is correct and ADF dip means in fact the issue mentioned above, then I would argue that these errors are corrected in a similiar way, so that you shouldnt experience ADF dips in modern aircraft. I hope I am not totally wrong
  4. Well I have no idea how you could "fix" this, but isn't that the slipstream effect you are talking about? When I had my first real flight in a Piper Archer II , i was quite busy with holding the plane on centerline. It always wanted to go left off the runway