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  1. captain2255

    Flight Deck Access System Test

    I agree it would be useless to simulate the cockpit door. There is no point in investing ressources into that. However, what I find wrong is to argue with security. I am studying aviation engineering, there are thousands of photographs of airplanes and videos in the internet, and then once a flight attendant told not to make pictures of the equipment due to security reasons. A picture of an overhead bin is a security concern? Come on! I don't have to study this subject for years for a flight attendant to tell me i shouldn't make a picture of the cabin. Door mechanisms are a more sensible topic of course. But even those are not a secret. We shouldn't make such a fuss about it. Airplanes have cockpit doors which can be locked. Wow, who ever thought that? But you have your reasons, no need to discuss that.
  2. captain2255

    Flight Deck Access System Test

    Did you read the Germanwings preliminary Report? The access system is described there in detail. The Report is avilable for the public. Also, there are several Youtube videos explaining the mechanism. This is really no secret anymore.
  3. captain2255

    ADF Dip

    Hi Is this the error caused by banking the Aircraft? If the Aircraft banks, the antenna is tilted and thus resulting in a shift phase of the received signal. In the Case of the VOR this causes an Azimuth Error which is corrected by a Vertical Polarizer. If my guess is correct and ADF dip means in fact the issue mentioned above, then I would argue that these errors are corrected in a similiar way, so that you shouldnt experience ADF dips in modern aircraft. I hope I am not totally wrong
  4. Well I have no idea how you could "fix" this, but isn't that the slipstream effect you are talking about? When I had my first real flight in a Piper Archer II , i was quite busy with holding the plane on centerline. It always wanted to go left off the runway
  5. captain2255

    777-200 Mach .1029 bug?

    Generally, airliners are not designed at all to fly in the transsonic regime. The Forces are rising dramatically around Mach 1. But the real maximum speed is defined by the structure. Take the maximum operating speed and multiply it by 1.25. Thats the dive speed which you never want to exceed if you like intact airplanes. I hope I remember everything correctly what I said. So I would say no, an airliner disintegrates when coming to mach1 or beyond.
  6. Wow, many thanks for all this help! Ok, So I think I am going to drop the SSD and buy the better Video Card instead. Also I would love to try to overclock. Is that possible with a software or is that just something for users who know what they are doing? to Summarize: RAM good CPU good Motherboard good SSD - i will drop that (financial reasons) Video Card: definitely a 4gb Card Power supply: at least 700 W ( and build a nuclear plant next to my house haha) Additional: the Evo Cooler Master in order to overclock. 2 Questions: - How much heat does such a system generate, Last summer I remember having difficulties staying in my room when I did a flight.( we have no A/c s in our country. :unsure:) - Is there a processor which is a little cheaper but has similiar performance? I think I chose one of the best here?
  7. Many thanks for the advices. Ok , I will look for a better PSU. Whats the impact if I have a to weak one? In terms of graphics card: My budget would only allow a better one if I waive the SSD. I think an SSD is nice to have but not really necessary. RAM: It says CAS Latency: 9, Chip: DDR3-1600. So I guess that would be what you said. I fear that my knowledge to overclock to far is not good enough, I would destroy my pc and the entire neighbourhood. However, IF I decide to overclock, I could just insert the extra fan and thats all? Or does than fan replace another one?
  8. I forgot the planned Graphics Card: Gainward GTX 760
  9. Hi all First of all, I have absolutely no knowledge of any PC Hardware technology. I want to upgrade my current pc to a high end FSX/P3D PC where I can run for example a PMDG 737 from FSDT KLAX to Flightbeam KSFO with AI Traffic and REX clouds and still have a performance of way over 20 fps. Will that even be realisitc? Well, I'll just post my plans first: Current pc specs CPU: Intel Core 2 Quad CPU Q9550 @ 2,83 GHZ (OC to 3,2) Motherboard: No idea RAM: 4GB Graphics: ATI Radeon HD 4770 HD: 1TB PC itself: I have air intakes at the front, one fan at the top and a fan at the back. both fans can be adjusted with a lever. planned upgrade: CPU: Intel COre i7 4770K Box(LGA 1150, 3,5 GHZ Unlocked Mainboard: ASUS Z87-A ( LGA1150,Intel Z87,ATX) (is this the sockel for the processor?) RAM: Crucial ballistic Sport 2x 8gb,DDR3 ( I am aware of the 4gb limit) power adapt: 600W Corsair Builder Series CX600 V3 SSD: Samsung 840 Evo Basix(250gb) So now I have so many Questions: Is this enough for a top FSX pc? Is there maybe something unesessary(because I maxed out my budget)? Are these all components I need to update? Do these components work together for FSX and P3d? Do I need anything else in order to place them into my current PC shell? Do I have to fear any physical space limitations of a pc shell? Many thanks in advance for all recommendations and comments. I am really starting from zero knowledge here. Best Regards Kevin