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  1. ec-hxm

    MCE Demo for X-plane 10

    Yes, is working like a charm. I don't have any other X-Plane installation in my computer than the one i'm using (i've got a backup in an external HDD) and installed this to the letter. The only thing i did different is to tell the installer to install app in a custom folder in the same drive of X-Plane but separate folders (F.\Multi Crew Experience\ for MCE and F:\X-Plane 10\ for the sim). Maybe you should check if the installer is getting correctly the destination folder if custom path is set?
  2. ec-hxm

    MCE Demo for X-plane 10

    Good evenning, I just downloaded the demo and had sama as described before with dlls and instalation. I had to copy manually from downloaded package the MCE Dlls folder into X-plane. After doing this all was fine (tries with default sp172). i had also a problem during the automatic selection and cofiguration of voice recognition during APP Wizard that provoked a CTD, however it seems i can use MCE correctly (after copying dlls). I'm running Windows 7 Ultimate SP 1 (Spanish Microsoft Dream Spark License) up to the date with US/British and Spanish packs installed and X-Plane 10.32 with several addons (RTH, Skymaxx, Airbus 320JAR, 757 FF, Gizmo, and so on).
  3. ec-hxm

    How to contact PC Aviator

    Well, i had no response. I'll wait a little more just becuase yoday's monday and now is morning in USA (I write from Europe). Anyway, it'd be nice if someone from PC Aviator who sees this thread, can give a hand. Thanks. EDIT. The sooner i post this, the sooner i get a response from Support. Problem solved.
  4. ec-hxm

    How to contact PC Aviator

    Thanks for replying Gary, I bought it from US store. I'll try to contact them by email.
  5. ec-hxm

    How to contact PC Aviator

    Sorry for posting here but I thinks this is a good way to get some info. I've just bought Carenado X-Plane B-58 from PC Aviator. That plane is in V3 but your doenload is still V2. As i can't register this product in site, ¿can anybody tell me how to get the updated plane? Thanks
  6. ¡Olé tus güevos! (Olé, your big balls!)... what it means, thanks man...