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  1. Another vote for flyuk.aero Fantastic VA with realistic ops, lot's of variety and support.
  2. Agree with this! If you haven't tried it, go for a 'spin' (🙃) round TNCM and St Barts ... it's great fun!
  3. I was hovering round TNCM last night in the G2. I found it really immersive. Great to see loads of yachts/cruise ships etc as well. The hotels on approach seem really detailed and well modelled (though I haven't been in real life ... yet!).
  4. How is this not a quick fix? Such a frustrating issue when panning around to view the outside world!
  5. Does anyone know if there is a way of doing this yet? It's quite immersion breaking on a multi-leg flight to have to quit and restart ... Thanks.
  6. Hi all, As above, I am about to pull the trigger on ordering a new Quest 2 to replace my faithful early model Rift CV1. The question is, is it going to be noticeably better image quality wise? I'm pretty sure my PC is plenty capable. Has anyone else done this upgrade? Should I hold out for any other HMD's which are going to be launched? Thanks all and happy flying! Chris.
  7. Hey! I fancy doing some exploring, but we have been so spoilt with all the updates so far for MSFS that I have lost track of what airports are handcrafted, and which cities have photogrammetry. Is there a list of all of these which is kept up to date anywhere? Thanks.
  8. It seems SU6 has certainly cleaned up some of the AI issues. Could it be that the 'Manager' is ready, but the models aren't?
  9. Ooh! Where was this posted? I cannot wait to get proper AI models in MSFS!
  10. So I've seen that I should delete my rolling cache before I update my sim with SU6, but as it is now deployed, I cannot run my sim to do this from the menu's, as it updates first ... is there any way of doing this without launching the sim? Thanks.
  11. Yep. Seems SU6 has brought it back from the dead! 🙂 It won't be perfect, but it will do until we have a full 3rd party traffic addon!
  12. One of the things I miss most from previous sims (P3d v4, v3 and even FSX) was taxi'ing through and airport and seeing a huge variety of different airlines, and different aircraft parked at their gates and going about their flights. Even though it wasn't 'live', many of the 3rd party add ons followed real schedules which meant you would find the right airlines and airframes at the right airports. Does anyone know of any payware developers who are working on something similar for MSFS? Thanks.
  13. Same issue here ... it makes VFR flying (looking around for airfields etc) really tricky. Hoping they fix this soon!
  14. My CTD's are definitely related to the Flybywire mod ... The sim CTD's upon loading at the gate. I tried loading at EGLL at least 5 times earlier, each with the same result and a CTD a couple of seconds after loading in. I tried: Developer and Experimental versions of A32NX, with fresh installs With/without AI Cleared rolling cache and removed all other items from Community folder On the final attempt, I loaded in with exactly the same settings and flight plan, but the default A320 and that worked, so my issue seems to relate to the FBW mod somehow 😳
  15. Sounds like a great development to me! Congratulations to you and the team for the FANTASTIC work so far 🙂
  16. Hi All, Hope you're enjoying MSFS as much as me! I'm just wondering if anyone has seen anything about a 3rd party AI traffic add on? I haven't seen anything from memory. It would be great to fill the skies with realistic, real to life airline traffic! Thanks.
  17. Has anyone tried the bush trips since the latest update? I stopped doing the Yosemite trip as there was a bug where the sim wouldn't recognise that each leg had been completed. I can't see anything in the release notes but Asobo have released another bush trip with the US update? So does that mean they're fixed? I can't try it for a couple of days, hence the question. Thanks.
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