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  1. bluesman1

    Real Throttle Quadrant

    I just bought and installed the FlightsimPM throttle. It looks great but felt a little lite. I mounted it to a FDS throttle stand and transformed into a sturdy unit. I am having trouble assigning the fuel valve idle and cutoff levers. I can get the lever to move to the Idle position but not to the cut off position. I have gone through FSUIPC and have not been able to get the cutoff lever it to work. Any help would be greatly apricated. Thanks
  2. bluesman1

    Remove the 737 CDU. It´s possible ?

    I just bought the Flight Deck Solutions CDU and it works great. I had to change a config file allowing me to move the PMDG cdu to the FDS cdu. Mike
  3. bluesman1

    ---- User Manual ----

    How do I pan around the cockpit? How do I set my capt.s views. I lost those but, the first officers views are as they were before. I see in the users manual telling me what the program does but I see nothing about how to program my buttons and make it work. I only bought the program for the shaking affects but I fear my sim P3D v4.2 has been high jacked. If I uninstall the program will I get my original views back? Thanks Mike
  4. bluesman1

    Dome light Switch Upper Overhead Panel

    Sorry for the late reply but, thanks you very much I will to this ASAP... Mike
  5. bluesman1

    Dome light Switch Upper Overhead Panel

    I found a couple of config files that might fix the problem but I can't change them without permission from the owner (PMDG). Is there a way to get permission so I can see if this does the trick?.... Thanks... Mike
  6. bluesman1

    Dome light Switch Upper Overhead Panel

    Thanks again for getting back to me. I thought if there was a config file for the dome light I could change the value so the switch would not turn on the dome light but would turn the radio back light. Just kind of a backward way of getting my back light to come on and still have dark environment in the cockpit. I thank you for your time.... Mike
  7. bluesman1

    Dome light Switch Upper Overhead Panel

    Thanks for getting back to me. Yes, I first contacted FDS and asked them if it was possible to move the back lighting to another location and gave them a good place for it. The same location that turns on the back lighting for the MIP which is also the place where my Virtual Avionics EFIS and MCP back lights are located. As good as FDS is and I am still buying hardware from them, they gave me a pretty lame excuse why it can't be move. They told me I should check with PMDG. So I thought I would give you guys a try and see if there is a config file somewhere where I can turn down the values on the dome light. Thanks again for you help......I fly the 737 NGX exclusively for United Virtual and think what you guys is a marvel.. Mike
  8. I have the Flight Deck Solutions Multi Radio and Xponder for my 737 NGX. The radios have back lighted button and they look great when lighted. The problem is in order to turn on the back lights for the radios I have to turn on the dome light located on the upper overhead panel. Its a strange way to turn on the back lights and seems kind of counter intuitive to me. Not sure why FDS put it there but there it is. the light casts a strange light over the MIP giving it a weird look especially dunning night flights. My question is there a way to turn off the light or turn it down so far that it can not be detected? This way I can have the radios back lighted all the time. Thanks Mike Stout
  9. I forgot to put my name for the above post. Sorry.....Mike Stout Mike Stout
  10. Mine does not work either. How do you check the DLL file?
  11. bluesman1

    Help with 737NGX with P3d v4

    Hi Dan. I would say Virtual Avionics is a good company from Brazil. They are the ones that sell their Virtual CDU on Google Play. Their support does take them awhile sometimes. I did uninstall and then reinstall the PMDG 737 and still that did not work, The strange thing is it has been working great for months then one night nothing. So that's where I am at the moment. Something must have changed in my computer but I have not been able to track it down. As I write this my time in 12:23 AM Mountain time. So I hope to hear something sometime Monday. Thanks..... Mike Stout
  12. bluesman1

    Help with 737NGX with P3d v4

    For the last several weeks after flying the 737NGX I go to exit P3D v4 and I get a message that the "sim is not responding." After a few seconds P3D shuts down and all is good. However any other plane I fly and then exit the sim there is not problem and it shuts down immediately without issues. Over the past several weeks I have had issues not being able to load and fly other 737NGX with various liveries. I have a Virtual Avionics MPC and EFIS and several days ago they just stopped working, They are not recognized by the sim or the PMDG 737NGX. Should I uninstall then reinstall the PMDG 737NGX? Any help is greatly appreciated... Mike Stout
  13. bluesman1

    P3D 4.1

    I am now having a problem in that my VA interface does not find or recognize my MCP and EFIS. It was working then a couple night ago in just stopped working. All I can achieve is a blue icon.
  14. bluesman1

    VAinterface 2.25 is out now!

    I am have a similar problem. I have the CDU EFIS and MCP. It has all been working great then suddenly yesterday for some reason it stopped working. All I get is the blue VA icon. Does the EFIS and MCP show up in "devices and printers" in the control panel? I thought I had seen them there but not sure. I know they are not there now.
  15. bluesman1

    P3D 4.1

    I have the CDU/FMC EFIS and MCP working in v4.1