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  1. Thanks for posting this, that told me everything I suspected. No more Skymaxx for me
  2. I just remembered that when this happened to me (and it took a while to sort it out) I ended up downloading the very latest Inspector which was version this sorted it. For some reason I was unable to save certain settings on the older version of Nvidia Inspector that I had installed at the time. Other than that I'm out of ideas.
  3. I had this issue, make sure your running inspector as administrator, hope this helps
  4. Have to agree with the posts above. I turned my back on FSX and switched to Xplane 2 years ago. I downloaded FSX-SE just to check it out. I have over 470 hours logged already, no OOMS, no fatal crashes and a pleasure to use. Im running a stack of addons including orbx global and vector uk2000 airports and more. The sim is stable and far less frustrating than I remember. I only have an average PC performance wise. I cant remember the last time I used Xplane. I have u-turned and returned to FSX-SE.