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  1. I have MCP1 + Linda + fsuipc and with the 737 just the rotari don't work. With this module for 737 I have all the Saitek lights panel configured as I want. In MCP1 the buttons work almost all. No Efis. In concorde for msfs it works most things with the default module changed for it. The rotari work less EFIS. In Fenix, I think the buttons work less rotari... What's worse and you shouldn't forget is the Madog. I took advantage of an old fsx module and only the Course rotari works. If anyone can help... Thank you very much. Fernando
  2. Yes it really is a pity a beautiful plane and my mcp1 only obeys the course... Can anyone help??? Thank you very much fanan
  3. Hello. I've been following the conversation and I can't help but contribute my opinion, as I see that many people have the mccombo 1 and/or 2 and it was an expensive investment and it's a shame that we currently see a very good simulator with top planes and we see the our panels not working some things. I have the first version of mccombo and I use it with Linda, which allows me to use almost everything on the panel in the default planes, but with the avsim module for pmdg 737, very few commands I can make it work and the ones we give more importance to are the rotaris, no work. In the case of Leonardo Maddog it's a shame that there is no module for Linda or other software because everything worked in previous sims and now the only thing that works is the rotary course! And it's a shame because it's a wonderful plane that I love to fly and like me many people will think. So I leave a tip for Vrinsight itself that along with so many other hardware that exist for many years and the manufacturer has never abandoned the driver update as in the case of logitech, here such a large investment in a panel that makes our new simulator very different, it's a pity that Vrinsihght doesn't update the drivers. So I'm praying that the programmers of modules for Linda, please don't forget Maddog or leave some tips for someone to be able to create one from scratch, since the fsx/p3d one doesn't work on MSFS. Thank you very much, Best regards, Fernando
  4. Hello everyone. I recently got the full pack and it works great. Both the FMC and the 737 overhead. Congratulations on the excellent work and my wishes for a continuation in the development of OH for the 747 and 777 and now, why not for Airbus and others. When I discovered this, I did not resist buying a touch screen monitor, to improve my home cockpit a bit more and undoubtedly added value. The same happens with the FMC that I'm using for now on my IPOD, but I hope to use it on an Ipad soon. I leave some photos to see and vídeo link.
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