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  1. maxsymonds

    I think the ASN update destroyed my FSX

    I myself experienced an issue with the ASN update and my ezdok and various other addons stopped working. I read through the forum and found the information very useful and helpful. I copied the exe and dll files into mine and it fixed the problem. This is why I love avsim so much. The support is brilliant and has helped me on several occasions. I want to thank you guys so much for finding a solution to this problem. Hifi has made a terrific product and I look forward to flying with the weather engine for the realism. Thanks again for everything
  2. maxsymonds

    Frame rate friendly airports

    I'll definately check out taxi2gate. What airports do they have? Does anyone else have problems with cdg?
  3. maxsymonds

    Frame rate friendly airports

    Fly Tampa, Flight Beam and FSDT are the best sceneries out there. I fly commercial airplanes on the sim so I can't speak for sceneries of airfields. I don't get sceneries from aerosoft anymore because they are SO frame rate heavy. It's ashame because they have airporys I really want to fly in but it's impossible to fly with those FPS. I have an extremely powerful computer that was made by a company that builds computers for FSX so it runs all other other types of addons without difficulty. In conclusion, I advise against aerosoft airports because they kill frame rates. I highly recommend the three I mentioned earlier; the only fsdt airport I have difficulty with on fps is ft lauderdale. One more thing. If you fly PMDG airplanes then aerosoft is not a good idea. Captain can will do better in those sceneries but the poor fps is still noticeable. It will be bad fps unless your flying a default airplane.