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  1. Wonderbadger

    Tracker XP v2.0 (64 bit)

    I use an alternative to TiR which gives very good results in all simulators and games that I've used it in - particularly effective in X-Plane. Softwa is provided by FaceTrackNoIR, used with a PS3Eye camera (£12) and a delanclip (£22). The DelanClip gives 3 Infra-red LEDs for the webcam to pick up in the same way that the TrackIR clips work. Gives full 6 degrees of freedom movement, very smooth and responsive and curve editing to allow tuning to the application you're using it for. For £34 its certainly a much more pocket friendly choice. Andy
  2. Wonderbadger

    Mystery Company

    Hi Paul, these were the guys I was also asking about yesterday - I'm wondering if they're still making progress as there seems to have been no updates for almost a year. Wondering if its worth picking up a CH Yoke or holding off to see if they are going into production and putting the money into something much more comprehensive instead.
  3. Wonderbadger

    TrackIR Hat

    Hi Graham, I have experience of a very similar product called DelanClip - its not the hat you mention but a clip which attaches to the side of a set of headphones. It too runs using a freeware tracking application and works brilliantly. for the princely sum of £35 I was up and running with 6dof headtracking and have used it extensively in both driving and flight simulators - from all the videos of TrackIR i've seen in action I can't see anything which makes me think its much more technically advanced (although I may be wrong - I often am!) I also use the old PS3 eye, which is the camera being sold on the Trackhat site, they are cheap and run at between 60 and 120fps depending on resolution so plenty quick enough to track head movement. Andy
  4. Hi, I'm just getting back into XPlane and want to use it more seriously so I'm now looking at getting a Yoke to replace my Cyborg Evo joystick (I'm not quite at the stage of feeling like I need to build a full cockpit - I'm at the stage of thinking they look awesome, but the bank account is at the stage of saying its not needed). While searching I found the thread on here and the website for Computer2Cockpit which looks like a great set-up and potentially budget friendly - they seem to have gone into radio silence on all social media and their site updates since late 2014/early 2015. Does anyone know if development is still progressing? Their site suggests that they may be doing limited production runs 2015/2016, is this likely to happen or am I better off looking at the usual suspects of Saitek and CH (depending on which of the issues with their cheaper offerings I can live with). Thanks Andy