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  1. It would nbe helpful to know what version of Windows you are running and whether 32 or 64 bit. Burley Stinnett
  2. B777300

    FSX and PMDG 777 not working well on new iMac

    Using VMWARE for FSX and the 777 is not your answer. The best way to run FDSX and the 777 is using a Bootcamp partition. That is the way I have my iMac setup and it works as perfectly &@($* FSX will allow.
  3. B777300

    777 freezing

    My previously stated fix for FSX Freezes will not fix CTDs only FSX Freezes.
  4. B777300

    777 freezing

    The 777 freezing drove me crazy as well. here is the fix: 1. Navigate in Windows to C:\Users\Yourusername\My Documents\Flight Simulator X Files\ 2. Find the file logbook.bin 3. rename to logbook.bin file to logbook.old 4. Restart FSX and FSX will now create a new logbook.bin file and no more freezing. Works perfectly