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  1. Hi Mikced76 If you search the A2A forum you will find ways of implementing either 430 or 530 into the Cherokee, However I've tried several methods (like creating the empty rxpGNS.dll ++ as described on the A2A forum), but non of the methods have worked great. Hopefully A2A will update the Cherokee to the same degree of compatibility with Mindstar as the C182 (and 172 for that matter). In any case do remember to backup your folder as with all the tweaking it might be good to have a restore point WarpD: This is not to start an discussion, but as A2A are the one of the most popular (and realistic) GA aircraft for both P3d AND FSX it wouldn't hurt to have a some way of "sharing" known working profiles for the aircrafts. As you say, you don't purchase every addon out there, but if customers or Mindstar have a way of sharing these files it would save both your time/money and your customers. This great product deserves to be in all p3d/fsx GA flight-decks ---- Thomas Pedersen
  2. Hi WarpD Did you guys find the solution to this problem?
  3. Aplomo

    Blue FPL page

    Great WarpD, I have also experienced freeze of the gps. Please post here if you find the solution.
  4. Hi Rimshot Yes, I've also experienced no reply on support questions (mail and phone), but when I got a hold of them on Skype they were very helpful. You shouldn't need to copy over anything to your gauge folder (assuming the mindstar installer found your p3d directory.) Check inside your p3d gauge folder if you have MPI_GNS.gau and MPI_CDIGauge.gau. Are you trying to implement in any virtual cockpit or just a window? Do you have any A2A aircrafts (spesifically the c172)? 1. In that case you will have to go into your simobjects\airplanes\A2A_C172 2. Check to see if you have .mpi_gns430 and 530 both texture and panel folders. 3. Go into your A2A_C172 panel folder 4. Copy the two dll's from that folder and paste it into both the panel.mpi.430 and 530 folder. 5. Go back to your A2A_C172 panel folder and copy the full content of the subfolder A2A_C172 6. Paste inside same folder on your mpi.430 and 530 folder. 7. Doubble check that you have a GPS_MINDSTAR txt file in there already. Dont delte this. Now when you load p3d and select a plane, choose either the A2A with Mindstar 430 or 530 Thomas
  5. Update: Received a reply from Tegwyn regarding this issue: *********************************** Hello The current version of P3D V2 can corrupt flight plans when loaded. As VoxATC refers to the flight plan files, this can prevent VoxATC from working properly. Lockheed-Martin say they are fixing this and should have a new version out by the end of January. Shortly after that a new version of VoxATC will be released that works with P3D V2. This will be a free upgrade for existing VoxATC users. Regards Tegwyn West ************************************ Appears LM is coming out with an update patch this week, check this forum thread: http://www.prepar3d.com/forum-5/?mingleforumaction=viewtopic&t=4373
  6. Ah thanks diddy64, good to know I'm not the only one with this problem. I'd appreaciate if you could post it here when you either figure it out or get a working update. I'll do the same.
  7. Hi I have a problem when trying to install VOXAtc 6.20 for Prepar3d v2 (Addons Rex and FTX). When running the setup.exe and the indexing part comes up, suddenly it just stops. I can see from the directory that VOXAtc is looking at a non existing path (See attached image). I've tried to abort it and running the indexer afterwards, uninstalling and re-installing. Nothing works. Anyone know of this problem or a workaround? (Btw, for now its just the demo install. Need to make sure it works before buying obviously ) Any help would be greatly appreciated!