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    Google earth scenery

    Hi, Just post prod video editing. A post from the author: It's video editing. Mask the cockpit in FSX then overlay it to the flight simulator feature in Google Earth TechyMarkHace 6 meses

    P3d v4.3

    Not so sure... AEROSFT has delayed the release of their pro buses waiting for P3D 4.3 and they know the details, but they have a NDA.

    STAR into KMIA

    Hi Juerguen, I think st. was wrong with the KA data or may be you made a mistake and selected the final app, not the arrival, bcause the COPRA-LAWN are part of the final app course for the 08R RNAV arrival, not part of a STAR. Regards

    Monitor Advice Help Please

    HI, I don't kown how performs this beauty, but my best advise is to learn a bit about the market options.,4533.html Regards
  5. HI, Everytime I update the AIRAC (I use the navigraph FMC mgm app), the first time I choose the Phenom, a pop-up window announces the plane is rebuilding the navigation database bacause of the new airac. Greetings and hny

    Night Moves v4 Edition

    A bit confused about the pictures: the planes should cast some shadows on the apron, shouldn't they? Regards

    Flying into Saint Martin (TNCM), star question

    I use navigraph charts. At the bottom of the ULUBA ONE ARRIVAL CHART is where you can find a section named: "LANDING" (not in the RNAV proc. and app.chart). In the ULUBA ONE Arr. chart, landing section, you'll find the following instructions: "EXPECT vectors to execute the VOR Z RWY 10 app straight-in". In the chart for this app you can find that the ULUBA fix is a valid IF/IAF. On the other hand,m the RNAV procedure has no need to an app: you have the complete route until the IAF and the final app procedure in just one chart.

    Flying into Saint Martin (TNCM), star question

    As the chart states, the ULUBA 1 arrival continues with vectors to perform the VOR Z RWY 10 approach and landing proc, with ULUBA as IAF. Best regards
  9. I don't have this monitor, but i guess you must use the display port connection (DP only)
  10. I'm afraid not. And i would add that is a tricky task.

    How will the PMDG B737 NGX run with these specs?

    IMHO makes no sense to run the PMDG (or any other complex addon plane) without AI traffic, ATC (PRO ATC X) weather(Active Sky) and serious scenery (specially airports). Adding camera (EZCA or Chase) and may be TIR is a plus. If yoy add all of this to the equation, the i5 will probably fall short in complex and big airports (EHAM,...), and you'll only get 20's or more in cruise. Best regards

    Pro ATC/X problem - new user.

    Hi, Just an advice: if you want to flight liners following the published procedures, do not include the SID nor the STAR in your fp. Just be sure you start in the last wp of a SID and the end is the entry point of a STAR. The PRO ATC will assign the correct SID (dep clearance) and STAR (approach) according to winds. Best regards

    The ILS and the Course select

    One of many explanations you can find yourself on the web

    [REQ] Tower view

    Sure you can pan in tower view. Locate the view track/pan toggle command and assign a button to it. And done: you can freely pan 360ª in tower view!!