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  1. Silenced

    Prepar3d V4 support?

    When it's getting closer and closer... That means we're going to have a ultimate navigation product in P3D. Well done RealityXP!
  2. I just think that the raindrop effect will run like FSW. or FSW is also texture only? Hope someone can explain to me.
  3. A little bit disappointed. The script in lua shows that it still use texture for effect, just like FS9.
  4. Good to hear this... Any target release time for 64bit? or just like 32bit?
  5. Prepar3D v4 is announced... So can we get a 64bit GNS/GTN for P3Dv4?
  6. Very interesting. Let's see what it will happen? I'm exciting about the Lighting System.
  7. Silenced

    How I Know P3D 4.0 Is Just Around The Corner

    I mixed it with the logo and the background, it's not real. Just for fun
  8. Silenced

    How I Know P3D 4.0 Is Just Around The Corner

    That's what we got in Prepar3D website now. Should be very soooon. And they just closed the URL that they uploads Background, Logos etc. It's not accessable now If we mix the website and the P3Dv4 logo... Looks great, isn't it? (But sorry for wrong size of background.jpg)
  9. Very Impressive! Any release plans next few months? or longer? I would like to see how ''New GUI'' works.
  10. WOW, Since the last reply has passed almost a month. How going on with FSX/P3D progress Jean?
  11. Silenced

    Next Aircraft?

    Platform: FSX/P3D Developer: Carenado Aircraft: Hawker 850XP Comment: Volumetric Lighting, Wing Condensation... This will be a legend!
  12. Silenced

    C90 GTx pics/Mini Review

    Uses Carenado Support and maybe they can put into next update... maybe...
  13. Any new progress on LOD12 FreeMeshX - USA ?
  14. Silenced


    I planned for them already, just waiting for updatable NavData.
  15. Silenced

    [Beta Preview] NGX P3D - Part II

    Oh, I mean the livery style like 777 SP1c/d.