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  1. enricolazzaroni

    V1.2. available

    Yeah i've just found this out and came here to dismiss my last post but you were faster! Thanks as always, Bert!
  2. enricolazzaroni

    V1.2. available

    The LITE version is working here. However, it doesn't have the GNT750 in the panel like the "normal" versions. Is it some kind of a bug or the LITE version isn't compatible with the GTN?
  3. Opa! :brazil-flag: That's exactly what's happening, i tried to use the 2D panel but no success too. I installed the extension. I tried a lot of times and i really think the plane isn't being able to load the database
  4. enricolazzaroni

    G1000 and Flight Planning

    Here's the screenshot, barrel_owl http://i.imgur.com/mCrI7qK.jpg
  5. enricolazzaroni

    G1000 and Flight Planning

    barrel_owl, i apologize for my bad english, i'm brazilian but i'm trying to describe it as accurate as i can I believe the problem is related to incorrect loading of the Navigraph AIRAC cycle because i tried almost everything to get the cursor flashing but couldn't make it work. I did exactly what you suggested but nothing happens, i'll try today again and if i don't succeed i'll take some screenshots to you. Thanks for your help!
  6. enricolazzaroni

    G1000 and Flight Planning

    Tried it barrel_owl but no success :/
  7. enricolazzaroni

    G1000 and Flight Planning

    Also i noticed that despite the VOR's and Airports are visible in the G1000 map, they haven't their names written below them, so i think the Phenom isn't reading the database installed, any ideias? Thanks!
  8. enricolazzaroni

    G1000 and Flight Planning

    Hey guys, i'm having a problem with this extension. I click FPL to insert waypoints but i can't type nothing. After clicking FPL i turn the inner knob once and it opens another page to type just like any other G1000 plane. Then i turn the inner knob again to start typing and nothing happens, i can't even put a single character. I'm doing the same thing i used to do in the Carenado Phenom 100 and Flight1 Mustang and i can't type. For me it seems like a bug, does someone had/have the same problem? Thanks!
  9. Hello guys, i did a fresh install of my FSX due to some problems i was having after thousands of add-ons installed. I decided to start everything again and installed just the essential. The problem is i'm having some troubles with using the Nvidia Inspector. I used it before and applied the same configuration this time but the anisotropic filtering seems to not be working. i've attached two images, one of the FSX running and other of the Inspector configs to see if someone identifies the error.
  10. enricolazzaroni

    Trouble with C90 + RXP530

    Hi Bert, thank you for your support. Yeah i said it wrong, it's the 430, i own both of them. After running the carenado .exe i still need to go to the Reality XP config and add it on the plane? Or the carenado file does everything? I'll look for the log and post here! Thanks!
  11. Hi guys, i've searched all over the internet for this problem and tried many solutions that i saw but unfortunately none of them worked, and nobody seems to have the EXACTLY same problem. I have the RXP430/530 installed on my pc. It works on any plane that i tried if i install using the GNS WAAS FSX CONFIG, even in the C90. But i really wanted to add the GPS to the panel, and whenever i run the CAR400.exe or RXP430.exe files, the installation occurs normally, but when i select the plane in FSX it crash to desktop immediately, seems like some problem loading the panel files i believe, but i don't know what to do, i already deleted the famous "nonvol" files but it didn't help very much. If someone could help me i'd appreciate a lot. Regards