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  1. tyf

    Prepar3D x64 Confirmed! (Sort of)

    Ah yeah, 32 bit under a 64 bit environment will actually be a tad slower. But I don't think it is noticeable. Then again you will have the full 32 bit address space available under the 64 bit environment. 64 bit all the way baby! :smile:
  2. tyf

    Prepar3D x64 Confirmed! (Sort of)

    No it really doesn't does it? If you recompile something for 64 bit an run it on a 64 bit windows you will actually see a 5-15% increase in performance AFAIK. But it is not that easy to just recompile such a software. They will need to clean up data type incompatibility and such. But the OOM issues are actually a big deal and it is worth porting the platform to 64 bit. It will be vital for the platform to survive.
  3. tyf

    Prepar3D x64 Confirmed! (Sort of)

    Can you elaborate? What makes a 64 bit application harder to debug?
  4. It's 20% off on the Aerosoft site now. Did you get it WebMaximus? And if so, is it worth the money?