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  1. John & Doug really thx for this years of pleasure !
  2. joliebrise

    Anyone Purchased 7.4 Yet ?

    I am very happy! The new version 7 is perfect with Fsx Orbx Pmdg (all ). Version 6 had problems with altitudes STARS. Version 7 ok. And you can flight the stars along . Its a real pleasure. Thanks Vox atc developpers. Minors problems aren't really important.
  3. joliebrise

    p3cv4 landing problem

    The same with FSX. Error log empty. An idea ?
  4. Three landing gear lights are always off ... all the time ! (approach gear down and ground) Have you this problem ? (FSX Windows 10) The others aircrafts are ok.
  5. joliebrise

    Cannot set ADF

    Settings ADF by proline tune...
  6. joliebrise

    Terrible frame rates!

    Have you seen the post on this subject for the Carenado C90 GTX ?
  7. joliebrise

    Weather Radar on ProLine21

    Set the tilt button, Generally, in flight (fl 150-200) if a storm exist or a high density clouds, the settings are -10 to -15 Don't forget the range... 16 nm seems the max. FSX DX9 with ASN and REX 4
  8. joliebrise

    Terrible frame drop

    Curiously… with a new PC and reinstall FSX. ...GTX 90 carenado and proline are ok !!! Where was the problem ??? All the addons & scenery are reinstalled. (FTX- ORBX- REX4 texture direct -ASN Next- UTX europe- FSC- MY traffic5.4 -Vox ATC -Pro ATC X and Aivlasoft EFB ) All GPS (GTN 750, 650, 530) and radar meteo (REX-MILVIZ and Reality XP wx) and RAAS But only 5 aircrafts at this moment. (F1 Kingair B200, Milviz Boeing 737-200, PMDG JS4100, and Real Air Duke B60 V2 & Turbine V2) The airplanes i prefer. Automotion core dll not installed (no problems with W10) ENB serie installed Direct X 9 So i think the origin is an other aircraft, not installed at this moment. What’s your opinion ? Edit... update Navigraph 1607 in 30sec... Enjoy
  9. joliebrise

    Terrible frame drop

    Carenavigraph.dll ... is the origin of the problem Rename this dll and the best solution is the integration of the GTN 750 (Bert's mod) Enjoy (to day there is no other solution for this problem)
  10. joliebrise

    Version 1.1 released

    And the windshield wiper turn on !!! now... (in V 1.2)
  11. joliebrise

    FPS Performance issue

    It's a real problem... Carenavigraph.dll seems the origin. If you use the carenavigraph.dll (older) of the Citation S550 it's better, but not perfect. To day the best solution is the integration of the GTN 750 and the inhibition of proline link with carenavigraph in dll.xml (C:\users\yourname\Appdata\roaming\Microsoft\FSX) Great thx to Bert !!!! for the integration of GTN
  12. joliebrise

    S550 with ISG FMS

    Hi Janek, This look Great !!! Can i obtain the latest mod for ISG ? Thank you very much ! Kind regards Jolie