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  1. stanip25

    Mysterious and Baffling Flight Control Problem

    IFR7700 I had the same Problem with yoke Not working on the Ground... I solved mine by Activating the AUTORUDDER (default is CTRL+SHIFT+U).. Try that ^_^
  2. Hi Bryan, can you give me a Tip How to LOAD PMDG 777 without any Errors ? :/
  3. Yes BYORK, Trike is Default... I deleted All Saved FLIGHTS, I deleted even the FSX.CFG Still the same.. just did all of these procedures.. But still, Can't read Parking Brake :(
  4. Hello. Here's My routine: 1 Initialize FSX (the Flight at the gate) 2 Waiting for all systems to initialize. 3 Load SHORT panel STATE. 4 Open FS2CREW... 5 Begin the Procedures, PF EVENTS and etc. And Yes I check the Parking Brake Correctly... ... But every time calling Preflight Checklist, the FO says: Parking Brake bla-bla-bla And Yes sometimes I get SDK error, in that Case I restart the Flight, so when I don't HEAR any SDK error I Proceed. HELP please :/
  5. Hi Guys SAME HERE!!! "Captain set the parking brakes first please" The Annoying FO, Even if you Parking Brake is Set... Restart the Game - is the Same.. FS2CREW Guys Come On... #####?? x(