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  1. I have repainted the 742 and the underside of the aircraft is grey and off-white. There is a very distinct white square on the underside of the aircraft which, for the life of me, I can't find which one it is so I could paint it the correct color. Please see attached photo. If anyone here can advise me on how to fix this problem, I'd appreciate it.
  2. rock and roller

    Terra Emergence Project for FSX/P3D

    I installed the TEP textures by following the directions in the install info file, as suggested by Aime. I had no problems. However, the fact that I didn't have FTX files installed probably simplified it. This is definitely an awesome program/creation and worth downloading. I have attached a few shots of the terrain. Bear in mind, I used TEP in FSX-SE (not P3D) and I used Reshader + SweetFX as well. Over Austria: Over Nepal: These lasts shots were with TEP but no Reshader/SweetFX: Over Nigeria: Over Brazil:
  3. rock and roller

    Terra Emergence Project for FSX/P3D

    Hi Aime, I will try your suggested method. You've convinced me. It sounds the best option overall.
  4. rock and roller

    Terra Emergence Project for FSX/P3D

    Hi guys, thanks for your replies. I will follow Aime's instructions as Cruachan suggested. Cheers and keep rockin'
  5. rock and roller

    Terra Emergence Project for FSX/P3D

    Aime, I have always loved your work, but with this new project I think you have definitely created a masterpiece. I have a quick question. I noticed many folks on here are asking many questions about TEP's compatibility with FTX/ORBX. I don't have that installed, so for someone who doesn't have ORBX, is it a straight and simple installation? Thanks for your efforts.
  6. rock and roller

    Michael Pearson appreciation thread

    I have to agree. For me (a crazy classic airliners fan) he has done some great work on the 742/743 by CLS and with Thomas Ruth's classic airliners, DC-10; A300/310; 727. Not to mention the huge amount of retro AI repaints which he has done; and are filling my skies with the great 1970s and 80s traffic. Keep them coming Mike :-)
  7. I agree with AWACS above. Too many detractors of FSX-SE got into criticising DTG from the get go. I think DTG will do what it takes to satisfy the average flight simmer, and I feel this platform will be the future of flight swimming the way we like it.I think it won't be P3D (which I own incidently) and is focused on corporations, and almost certainly will not be Xplane.
  8. rock and roller

    Outside views for FSX-SE

    Hey Jim, thanks for the heads up regarding the Camera.cfg. I checked it and it was empty, there was absolutely nothing printed in it. So I Googled "camera.cfg fsx default"; copied and pasted the default text into my Camera.cfg file and now everything is back to normal. Cheers.
  9. rock and roller

    Outside views for FSX-SE

    Thank you all for your help, however due to utter frustration, I uninstalled FSXSE and will re-install it after work today. I'll see what happens then with this intractable problem. I hope everything will be a-ok. If not, you'll have to put up with me again:) Cheers
  10. rock and roller

    Outside views for FSX-SE

    Hi Jim, there is definitely a problem with these commands. I did as you suggested but the only views i get are the ones I mentioned above. I just cant figure out why I have only a few outside views. Do you think I might have to uninstall and re-install FSX-SE ? Or, are there other options?
  11. rock and roller

    Outside views for FSX-SE

    Hi Muhamad, it happens with the default aircraft as I haven't added any other aircraft to it yet. I haven't touched the cfg as I don't want to mess up anything. If I were to edit the cfg, what would i need to change or add?
  12. rock and roller

    Outside views for FSX-SE

    I recently purchased FSX-SE and started it up, to my disappointment that it doesn't include all my favorite outside view commands. If it does I haven't been able to find the commands/assignments after a long fruitless search The views I mean are the basic ones we get on FSX ie. spot ; locked spot; fly by, top-down. Locked spot is there, but it only has the rear view; right wing; and left wing views of the aircraft. It doesn't have the traditional locked spot view of FSX (where the aircraft is seen just behind the left wing during flight). I am able to get all the FSX views on P3D using the traditional FSX assignments ("S" and "A" buttons and the NumLock to pan around the aircraft from outside, but I can't get them on FSXSE Can anyone here enlighten me on how I could get these very important commands with FSX-SE? Cheers