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  1. PDMG sales must be dropping through the floor with so many folks moving over the PD3d. Who would spend $90 today on a plane solely for us in dying FSX?
  2. I am glad there was a demo. I blew through all 5 demo times (for 2 of which the lower framerate slider would not move at all) and still have no idea if this program works or not. I am leaning towards "not" right now and not willing to gamble $40 to find out . . .
  3. I thought that folks were being a little harsh on the 5 minute limit for the demo (there are only 5 demo tries available at 5 minutes each). That was until I just loaded it and tried it. I blew through the first 3 demos before I could even figure out what was going on with the program and I saw zero frame rate impact regardless of where I placed the slider. It might be good and might work if I could play with it longer, but the 5 minute demo limit is wayyy too short to get any idea if this program is worth it. Download it and you will see. Just don't blink or your demo time will be up . . .